Tuesday, 4 October 2011

September Favourites

This post has gone up later than I wanted it to but seeing as we've had 30 degree weather I didn't want to miss it! I've really enjoyed the sudden heat and sunshine. 

Ed Sheeran +, Wretch 32 Black & White, Emalkay Eclipse, Game The R.E.D. Album, MOS Anthems Electric 80s

Music - Ed signed albums in my local store so got my + signed. I love Wretch’s voice and his album did not disappoint. Particularly love the middle part with features from Delilah, Ed Sheeran, Daley & Etta Bond. Emalkay has been around for a while but love this album, dubstep at its finest. There’s something about Game’s voice and I really like this album. I love how many other artists he’s got on here: Lloyd, Mario, Rick Ross, Big Boi, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown & Drake. Ministry of Sound are epic in my opinion. I may only have been born 1988 so not experienced the 80s but I grew up on music and have a particular love for the 80s. I need to get the next volume of this in my collection.

Films - I was pretty poorly during September and watching a film was the perfect way to make myself rest. I usually never have time to watch films and still have all the dvds I got last Christmas in cellophane! I watched Princess and The Frog, which I LOVED! Has really made me wish I bought from the MAC Venomous Villains collection though! I’m really hoping they do another Disney collection as I adore Disney. I’m still giggling over the Inbetweeners Movie which I actually saw in August. I want the book for Christmas as it looks hilarious! Saw Avatar for the first time too, I cannot believe its taken me so long! Its an absolutely beautiful film. The boy always teases me because he has to explain what’s happening. He asked after about half an hour if I was following, and I told him what I thought would happen and I was kind of right!! Also squeezed in New Moon, St Trinians, Fish Tank, Look Who’s Talking (so 80s I love it!) Look Who’s Talking Too & Anuvahood.

Books- I haven’t read any books or even magazines for over a year and really miss it. I still buy Company but only flick through for the fashion and make-up and then it goes onto my coffee table. I’ve still got a Company & Cosmopolitan from last December in cellophane! How bad is that! I’ve never seen Sex & The City properly, or either of the films. It isn’t something that has ever really appealed to me. Curiosity got the better of me when Candace Bushnell released the Carrie Diaries. It intrigued me so much that I decided to read it. It took a little while for me to get into it, which could just be me not having read for so long but once I got into it I couldn’t stop reading!! I’ve had to stop a few chapters before the end as I can’t bear to finish it when I don’t have the next instalment; Summer in the City.
I’ve also been enjoying the books by Sophie Kinsella writing under the name of Madeleine Wickham. I’ve now read Sleeping Arrangements, The Wedding Girl and am just starting The Gatecrasher. They are pretty hard to put down as you get sucked in. I’ve promised my friend I will give the Twilight novels another try as she’s re-reading them with Breaking Dawn about to come out in cinemas. Twilight is still bookmarked somewhere in the middle which she promises me if I read on it’ll get exciting! I’m sure the reason I’m struggling is because I saw Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse before I tried the books which kind of spoiled what was happening. 

BeautyBoots No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser - With all the raving about Liz Earle I came across another product which seemed similar. I got the No7 hot cloth cleanser with a £5 off voucher so only paid £4. I cannot express how in love with this I am! It smells so nice and leaves my skin feeling so lovely.
Boots Natural Collection Make-Up - I’ve never bought from this range before but I saw the beauty community raving about them and with a price tag under £2 I gave some items a whirl. The blusher is a dupe of a Rimmel one I’ve used forever (Santa Rose) but half the price! The lipstick has that horrible cheap lipstick smell but I’m willing to forgo that for the colour and how soft it feels on my lips.
Garnier BB cream - If you haven’t heard of BB creams I’d be amazed. Mainly because the Garnier advert is on so many times and I hardly watch TV! I wanted to wait for the MAC BB cream but when I saw the Garnier on price promotion I couldn’t leave it. I really love this product. It smells like all Garnier products (fruity, in my opinion) and is quite sheer. I know that isn’t how a BB cream should be but I only wear light foundations so this is perfect for me.
Avon Naturals Sugar Plum & Vanilla Room & Linen Spray - This has the sweetest candy smell. It reminds me almost of Lush Snow Fairy. I can’t stop smelling it and planning to stock up in my next order.

TV – I’m amazed at how much TV I have been watching lately! It’s so unlike me but I’m really enjoying it!
The Only Way Is Essex – I’ve watched this from when it first started and really do love it. Before this started I used to tell people I was from Essex…and they believed me! It’s the accent apparently because I sure as hell don’t look as glamorous as the girls on this show. Although some of it is set up I don’t mind, its just like The Hills to me which I also loved! The rival to TOWIE is Made In Chelsea. I could never get into this and tried again with the launch of the second series but still not getting it. Probably isn’t helping that I don’t know any of their names or anything of what happened in the previous series.
The Bachelor – I missed the first show but have watched since because Twitter made me curious…now I can’t stop watching!! I was pretty indifferent to Gavin but I must admit I have warmed to him especially after the drama of Morgan & Carrie Ann! I really like Layla and hope she wins because she’s so sweet!
The X Factor – although there was the biggest uproar over the judges panel change up I still watched the first audition show and instantly fell in love with the new judges. I’m actually very glad Simon, Cheryl and Danni aren’t on anymore. I already adore Tulisa and Kelly, and Gary I’ve never paid much attention to before however I find him so good looking which really surprised me! The new panel make the previous look so stiff and uncomfortable. The new panel come across genuine and likeable. I have loved the way Tulisa and Kelly were towards each other during the audition process. They seem to really care about each other and have a close friendship. No matter how much it was denied Dannii and Cheryl did get on, it seems hard to believe when you’re shown Kelly & Tulisa together. Plus they all seem to give constructive comments which the previous never did because they were too busy sniping at each other. I am beyond excited for the live shows. I saw a rumour on twitter the big twist is Cheryl is coming back with a reject from each category. I am really hoping this isn’t true as I like the panel so much as it is and I never thought I wouldn’t want Cheryl on the X Factor but there you go!

Shop – Claires Accessories – I’ve rediscovered Claires after a distracting trip I blogged about previous here. I could have bought so much more on my visit but decided to try to be restrained. I barely knew where to look when choosing necklaces. They have so many I like! I settled on these three

I used to buy so many nail stickers from Claires and thought it only right I buy some more! I loved the peace earrings, they look so 60s with the flowers. I bought the little studs for my second hole as I only wear small sparkly ones in there and these fit the bill perfectly.

I turned 23 on the 20th September. I loved being 22 as its such a cute number (I’ve got a thing for numbers!) but I couldn’t stop the clock and stay 22 forever. I went out the previous night for Chinese and cocktails with my lovely friend Amy. We’re just had a new place open up in town. Such a nice pretty place and I loved just having a chilled out chat. On my birthday I was still poorly but Mum brought me lunch in bed and then I went for a walk in the park in the afternoon with the boy. Meant I was hungry for Chinese tea again! I ended up having 3 Chinese’s in my week off which is completely unlike me as I usually have Chinese once a month if that! Not complaining though! However I can justify it as me and the boy went on so many long walks all over especially in the country. One day we were stood on the highest hill near his house and we could see so far it was an amazing view and I felt so at peace with everything. 

I feel like I’ve matured so much while I was 22 especially in 2011 I had a lot of challenges thrown at me in all aspects of my life. I feel very happy and comfortable in myself which I’ve always read comes with age and it definitely seems true!

Hope you all had a good September too!
Em x

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