Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Summary #61

It's crazy that its officially Spring and it looks like Narnia out there! It snowed all day yesterday, how can there be that much snow in the sky!? I hate how cold its got again, I just want Spring weather to appear! I went on a little shopping trip this week. New Look had 25% off, I wanted to look in Paperchase and get some Easter bits. I tend to shop better alone as I can look alone and don't get distracted, but when I'm shopping for an outfit I like another pair of eyes and opinion. I was meeting my friend for a cinema trip so went into town earlier. I came back with lots of lovely new things but New Look disappointed me clothes wise. I haven't found anything in there for absolutely ages. I spotted a beautiful rainbow jumper in Topshop but resisted. I went to see Oz The Great and Powerful with my friend as she wanted to see it and I loved it the first time round. I enjoyed it just as much the second time and knew when the scary parts were coming with the witches. We saw an extended trailer for The Great Gatsby which I'm desperate to see but its not out for a while yet. It looks incredible!

Me and my boyfriend spent last night at our friend and her boyfriend's house having a Chinese takeaway and watching Lawless as they missed it at the cinema. Despite the blood I really love the film, Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf aren't too bad on the eye. But they also act their roles so well with perfect southern drawls. We ended up not getting home til the early hours as our taxi took ages to get us but it was understandable with road conditions. We had a duvet day and watched Breaking Dawn Part II, can't believe the Twilight Saga is all finished now. I spent this evening tidying my bedroom, so wild! Got a very hard week ahead of me at work but my Easter weekend is keeping me going. Off to Cambridge with my boyfriend on the Saturday to see his brother, sister in law and nephew. We picked a blue rabbit suit for his nephew for Easter and I'm making Easter chocolate treat bags for everyone. I'm hoping the order comes soon so I can blog about it as you can adapt the bags for any occasion.
Aussie hair treatment 99p, Carex Strawberry Laces hand soap 88p, Carex Moisture Plus hand gel 99p - Superdrug 
I had a quick dash into Superdrug one lunchtime and picked up some odd bits. I hear so many good things about Aussie so picked up this hair treatment to try. My hair can look quite dry with the amount of Batiste I use so I'm always looking for products to soften and using this type of thing before washing my hair really helps. Hand wash that smells of strawberry laces? Er yes! My boyfriend bought this Carex hand gel a few weeks ago as we both get dry hands and he said it seemed genius he could clean his hands on the go and get some moisture back into them. It was on offer and it smells lovely, plus we use alot on the go so it'll get used. I'm obsessed with TRESemmé hair products as they were half price so I couldn't say no. 
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth hair mask £2.95, TRESemmé Platinum Strength leave in conditioner £2.95 - Superdrug 
 Glass jar £5 - Wilkinsons  
I couldn't resist this pretty jar and am going to use it for cotton pads. I have so many bags in my bedroom and the bathroom, it seemed a cute idea to keep them in here. 
 Coral Mary Janes £22.99 - New Look 
Like I said New Look had 25% off so I didn't pay full price for these. I adore candy coloured heels and already have the nicest pink pair. I've a wedding in September so depending on my outfit these could be the perfect pair. They are so ridiculously pretty and Spring like I can't wait to wear them!
 Flower bulldog hair clip £2.99
I really love using these to chuck my hair up after work and it limits the damage as it doesn't snag your hair like a hair tie. New Look always do the prettiest ones and I loved this one.
Diamante bow hair clips £3.99
I can't resist bows! As for sparkly bows, they always come home with me. I'm growing my fringe out so these will be perfect for keeping it off my face as it gets longer.
 Pearl and flower gold collar necklace £6.99
I love collars and this caught my eye immediately. Its so pretty and the pearls are on hooks so move which adds a little something more to it.
 Flower heart ring £1.50, Heart diamante earrings £1.75
I'd never seen this concession before but it was all half price. Looked a little teen for me but I found these two gems. 
 Anchor necklace £4.99
Nothing to say except I love anchors!
 Butterfly necklace £5.99
I have a feeling I have this in pink or they did it in pink before and I wanted it. Either way I love these types of necklaces for summer to go with tops and dresses. 
 Easter stickers £1.50, Easter card - Paperchase 
I love Paperchase. I'm such a stationery lover and I just want everything when I go in. I always use stickers in my scrapbooks and when I make cards so these will get used somewhere along the lines. I've searching for an Easter card for my boyfriend and this was so cute! 
 Strawberry fold away shooper £4.50, Penguin pass case £4
I've been meaning to get a shopper bag for ages that can go in my bag as I hate taking plastic bags. I loved this strawberry design. This pass case was so cute, it was the last one and I have my Oyster card in a MasterCard wallet it came in so decided a girlie upgrade was needed. 
 Chicks £3
I have so many yellows chicks it seemed about time to get coloured ones! I can't wait to use them on my Easter cake!
 Panda pen £1.25
A stationery geek can't pass up a new pen. The pandas on it are so cute!
 Butterfly photo frame £4
I rather like these types of frames. I already have a heart one and I love butterflies so I can't wait to put a picture in this one. 
 Charity bracelet £2, "E" bracelet £6.50 - Topshop 
I couldn't find anything in Topshop but really liked the E bracelet. I love dainty jewellery and these would be perfect for gifts for friends. I got another charity bracelet as I love girls that layer their wrists with lots of little bracelets so if I can live with it I want to give it a go.
 Ted Baker Lilcon shopper bag £26.99 -
I can't resist these bags! If I could I would buy all of the colours. I really liked the black but already have one so went for this baby pink. I got 10% off as it was my first order. Lovely website to order through and came in a big gift box. I'm keeping the box to keep this one and my other in as it has the glitter bow and I want to look after them. 
The Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home £8 - WHSmith
I would buy so many cookery books if I could but I need to limit myself. When I get my own home I want my cookery books on a shelf in my kitchen but I don't want a huge number that overwhelms me. After flicking through this it had enough recipes to be bought, their last was all cupcakes whereas this is all kinds of cakes, biscuits and treats. It was half price and I had a 20% off voucher so only paid £8! WHSmith always give out money off vouchers and if you time it right you can get ridiculous bargains especially on books. 

So that's my week. A rather quiet one with lots of new goodies. I'm definitely old as I enjoy nights in over drinking all night in town. So weird to go through that transition! But me and my boyfriend have been discussing moving out and how much money we'll need to save and what not. Its so exciting to be on the cusp of growing up. I don't feel like an adult but when I think how other people see me they must see an adult. I am 24 after all!
Hope you've all had good weeks

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