Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday Summary #59

What a wonderful week I've had off work and I truly have the Monday blues already! It was lovely to live on my own time, wake, eat and sleep whenever suited me. My boyfriend booked the same week off work so we made plans to make the most of our time together as usually we have very little time together. On Monday we visited Colchester Zoo which was incredible. We were so lucky with the weather, it was like a Spring Day, crisp and fresh, sunny but cool. We had looked at other Zoos but Colchester won the vote and I'm so pleased we went with it. Its changed alot since I went in 2006 and all for the better. They've expanded the Zoo grounds, got new animals and brought in new ways to see/meet the animals they have. I've always thought of Zoos as just looking in on the animal through glass but Colchester have several intimate meetings with the animals. We went to the Penguin Feed which was held in a room and the penguins brought in to feed inches from us! (Penguins stink by the way!) It was incredible to have them so close! There was so many experiences throughout the day we had to miss some exhibits out as we were back and forth to see talks and feeds. Plus some of the animals don't get fed every day (as they wouldn't eat everyday in the wild) so the Zoo does some sort of exercise with them to stimulate them. We ended up seeing feeds but it would have been interesting to see what else they could offer the animal in question. One of the best features Colchester Zoo has is the Lost Madagascar Express which is a sweet train that goes through a little part of the Zoo with the driver telling you about the animals you pass and then there's a stop at the Lemur Enclosure. The driver said it was optional to get off and walk around but not to take food and drink with you and I was speechless at being able to walk so incredibly close to Lemurs. I so wanted to reach out and stroke one, they are so cute! They were mostly sunbathing on the path, they look so playful and cuddly. I'll include some of the many photos I took. Colchester Zoo used to have a white tiger who was exquisite but she died. I didn't know they two Amur (orange) tigers. They are beautiful beyond words. One time one walked past the window I was stood at and you really are so close. My other favourite were the Red Pandas and Lions but they have so many animals it was overwhelming really. I'm holding out visiting Edinburgh Zoo incase the Pandas get pregnant this year and I'll wait for the baby otherwise I can't wait much longer!
On Wednesday we went to London which as always was amazing. We didn't have any concrete plans just ideas of what to do so we went to the Natural History Museum, found the Doctor Who tardis/policebox, had food in Chinatown and did some shopping. We left our shopping quite late so didn't get to as many places as I would have liked but all the same I was happy with what I did find. Topshop really disappointed me as they didn't have anything! And Primark (Tottenham Court Road one) as lovely and huge as it is also didn't bear many fruits. We got home two very tired bears indeed.
On Friday I had a girlie afternoon with a cafe stop and Side Effects at the cinema. Such a good film! I knew as soon as I saw the trailer I had to see it (Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum AND Jude Law!). Its so much more complex than I thought it would be and I was guessing right until the last scene what was going on. A very intricately woven plot. I then met my boyfriend and we got a Chinese and had a DVD night in. We were meant to go to Cambridge to see my boyfriend's brother and his family but my boyfriend had been feeling unwell all week and it turned into a cold so we've rearranged for later this month. It was such a rainy day we had a duvet day and a DVD evening again, with Saturday Night Takeaway wedged in between. Its been so lovely to just chill out and rest as we're usually so tired and stressed from work. I spent this afternoon at my Auntie's for a joint Mother's Day/Nana's 80th celebration. I do love a good buffet!
I've been a good shopper again, all I have is what I bought on my travels which I'd set money aside for so doesn't count ha! We stayed out of town as we both work there which is also a good trick not to spend. I've been so busy on adventures and playing Sims 3 with my boyfriend I've only bought a handful of things online, I find it so tempting to spend when I'm not busy.
 Cheeky Amazon order as I buy the bulk of my DVDs when they're around £5. Just had a quick browse and found these. LOVE 10 Things I Hate About You but has been expensive as its the 10 year anniversary one so I got it while it was cheap. The others I felt I needed haha.
 This Magpie diced with death, he landed on the ground and the trunk in front of the tiger but he was so busy eating his meat he didn't notice. Plus its a Magpie!
 I couldn't resist this little bear! My boyfriend spotted them as we bought our tickets on the way in and the t-shirt is so cute! Plus I couldn't leave with Yankee candles. I'm currently burning the Mango Peach Salsa and haven't found any since so got another one along with my all time favourite Black Cherry and my winter favourite Mandarin Cranberry, I posted about my Yankee candle obsession and my holder here. 
 The Disney Store - I've been wanting a cup like this for a while but only seen Starbucks ones but seeing as I've never had a Starbucks or like coffee it seemed a stupid idea to get one. Disney do loads of designs but I chose Mickey and London. I love Disney mugs and kind of collect them. I fell in love with this Ariel one as soon as I saw it. 
 Topshop - I love Orelia jewellery so couldn't resist another addition to my collection. I can't for the life of me remember the name of this precious stone but its beautiful, the camera couldn't pick it up but its the green one with a rainbow inside. 
 Build-a-Bear Workshop - I swear I try to resist this place (I have two already) but my boyfriend knew I wanted to go in and we were actually looking for a Smallfrys I saw on the website for my Mum for Mothers Day except they didn't have it. However me+panda=sold! Honestly I simply had to get her! My boyfriend named her for me and she is sooooo cute! 
 Superdrug - I've been struggling to find this Nivea primer so was so happy to find one in London. Plus I got my hands on the two new Gellys I wanted yay! They had so much stock in the one we visited I was tempted to get more but decided to be restrained. I love the Garnier lotion so much and Superdrug had all the Garnier stuff better than half price. Will look here too as obviously didn't want to lug too much around London. I recently used the Soap and Glory face wipes and they are such a lazy way of removing make-up, perfect for those super late nights I just want to get into bed.
 Cyber Candy - It could just be me but everytime I visit the Covent Garden one the girls that work in there are SO RUDE! Not to just me but every customer! Honestly how they don't get people complaining is beyond me. I may actually complain myself as its really put me off shopping there and not only were they rude customers were not allowed to go downstairs! There was a man in a suit who got really annoyed as what he wanted was downstairs and the girl wouldn't let him go down and didn't want to go down herself. Cue him waiting at the till with his arms crossed while she messed around. Also why I have so little. They only have little sweets and chocolate bars on the ground floor whereas the basement has much more. 
 Primark - I love this top as the feather print is so pretty and colourful and there's gems and sparkly bits all over the shoulders. It was part of their Limited Edition Collection and only £12. 
 I used to hate florals but I really like them nowadays and thought this would look so lovely Spring through Summer plus I think this design is so cute with the bows on the shoulders. 
 Stocked up on bras as you do! Primark bras don't last as long as others but they had some really cute designs in. I detest the way Primark assume because I have D cup boobs my bum must be a size 16-18! I usually charity the knickers as they're too big. It would be better if they sold the matching sets separately.
 101 Dalmatian pjs and Supergirl t-shirt! 
The jewellery was really disappointing but I found some dream catcher earrings and some cute socks. 
I wasn't sure about this blouse but will return it here if it looks horrible. It has house prints on it but I liked the blue and white. 
I finally got my hands on a bigger bird blouse but it was a size up so I'm hoping it will look ok anyway.
So that's it! A rather picture heavy post but I hope you enjoyed seeing what my week off was all about!
Hope you've all had good weeks

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