Sunday, 3 March 2013

Atlantic Road | Station Road

I was so excited to try the new Barry M Textured Effects polishes that when I spotted them along with the new Gelly colours in Superdrug I did a little squeal inside (the shelve was still being stocked so didn't want to alarm them!). In my new frugal shopper state I allowed myself only two colours out of the eight or so new colours. Silly me as now I can't get the other Textured colours anywhere and the Gellys are also sold out!
Anyway I went for Atlantic Road (blue) and Station Road (yellow).
 The flash has dulled the effect somewhat but you can still see its textured. I'm sure I read somewhere they put sand in the polish to give it this effect. The polish feels fine on and the feel is almost identical to the crackle effects feel. I really like this effect and can't wait to find the pink and green versions. 
I also did my hands opposite ways just because I felt like it. These are perfect pastel shades and I know I'll get a lot of wear from them. I love how easy it is to have a different effect on your nails without spending ages doing coats of a colour and then a crackle effect or glitter coats, a winner for me.

I haven't posted my nails in weeks so here are two other NOTD's for you.
 Topshop in AWOL - The perfect bright blue shade. I had so many comment so this colour probably because it really contrasts with my pale skin. One man at work even questionned me as to why I picked this colour haha. I think I bought this after seeing Jess Wright of TOWIE wearing a bright blue nail polish and I couldn't find one anywhere and then I spotted this. I think they still sell it, my Topshop doesn't sell make-up BOO but sure this is on the website. The wear isn't too bad although its a thin formula so only last three or so days before chips starting occuring. 
Models Own Raspberry Crush and Barry M Superdrug LE Rainbow glitter - Both these polishes aren't for sale as the Models Own was free in a magazine in Boots only and the glitter was free when you spent £6 in Superdrug at Christmas. The glitter would look better on a different base colour as the red particles blended into the nail. This would look great over white in particular. 

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