Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Summary #60

I love round numbers so this 60 makes me happy, I've had a rather wonderful week. Nothing overly excitable happened but just one of those weeks where work goes smoothly, life drifts along nicely and there is nothing bothering you. I am extremely lucky to work with some of the most wonderful people and it definitely impacts the way I feel about and while at work. On Tuesday my work team had a meal out as received a lump sum of money from the company and we decided to go out for a meal. We got so much food for our moneys worth and it was a lovely time to socialise without having to work at the same time! Plus my boyfriend realised its Easter soon so we'll get a long weekend together. This year is seriously whizzing past it seems impossible Easter is less than a fortnight away now. My boyfriend was a little crushed that England didn't win the rugby last night but a lovely tea soon cheered him up. We recently discovered swede and carrot mash and have become a little obsessed. I picked tea up in Marks and Spencers and went for chicken with mushrooms and ham, carrot and swede mash, cheesy brocolli and veggies. Such a simple meal but so amazing! I really wanted to get the chinese cartons but we're going to our friends next Saturday for a film and Chinese so thought we should wait. We then spent a very long Sunday lunch in a pub with my boyfriends parents and his brother, wife and nephew Alexander. At eight months Alexander is so adorable and so happy, it was wonderful to have such a nice family lunch. We then went to see Oz The Great and Powerful at the cinema which blew me away. It was so much more than I was expecting! The special efforts are incredible, I saw it in 2D but I can imagine 3D would be amazing. For a PG I thought there was a few very scary moments haha!
 Feather and skulls dusky rose scarf £3 - Primark
I only went into Primark to return some jeans and although I found no clothes I did leave with a collection of accessories. I instantly loved this scarf, I have a thing for feathers and liked the skulls with their head pieces. 
 Stripey make up bag £2, hair sectioning clips £1, fishtail combs £1.59, hair ties £1.50, double flower head band £2 - all Primark 
I can't resist blue and white stripes plus the neon pink, I had to have it! My current make up bag is getting quite worn so this might fair better as its a plastic one. Now my hair is getting longer I need more sectioning clips to style it and I have about six already but for £1 it seemed such a bargain. I've been looking for these cheap plastic fish tail combs for months, I thought they'd be so easy to find aswell. I prefer fishtail combs as they're more precise and when I'm sectioning hair they're easier to work with. The two hair pieces were impulse buys, I love to wear flower head bands in the summer for a boho hippy look. The little charms on the hair ties are what sucked me in and they may fall off or snag my hair but for the more its worth a try. I can't go too crazy with hair accessories at work so thought they'd be nice for a little extra.
 Sims 3 University £29.99 - Game
I am a die hard Sims fan. My boyfriend suggested I sell all my Sims 1 games the other week! I may not have them installed or play them but they're classic and I loved them so much as a child I can't bear to part with them. I still have my Rugrats and Spyro games for the PS1 and Simpsons games for PS2. They still work and one day I might get an hour to play. I've been doing so well with my New Years Resolution to chill more and do little things to relax. Playing Sims was one as I'd been buying all the games over the past year and they'd sat in their cellophane under their bed which was shocking considering the price they totalled to. My boyfriend helped me get to grips with Sims 3 as its such a huge change from the previous games but I'm now loving it. University was one of the best Sims 2 expansions but all the pre-orders for Sims 3 University were very high or sold out so I waited until release to buy it. I like to get the limited edition (marketers dream buyer ha!) and the very day it was released it went even higher in price. The limited edition was selling for over £50 on some websites. Luckily a trip into Game had me walking out with exactly what I wanted.
 MAC Pro Longwear paint pot in Chilled on Ice and MAC Fluidline gel liner in Blacktrack - Debenhams 
I am a sucker for 10% off beauty at Debenhams. I seem to justify purchasing more products and more regularly with that little percentage off. Both these items were necessary however as I've been having very bad reactions in my eyes when taking my make up off. I decided I had to do something as it was happening more often, making my eyes so sore and red and was horrible to experience. Luckily it seemed it was only the glitter in my eyeshadow affecting my eyes so I've been snapping up cream eyeshadows and it seems to be working. I can't wear the same colour everyday so when I saw MAC had some new paint pot colours out I had to get one. I want some other colours too but settled for this first. I love these types of colours, they fit so well with my daily make up as I go for a black cat flick, illuminated skin, rosey cheeks and a pink lip so a neutral colour looks really nice without being too plain or too heavy. I have been wondering about this gel liner for ages and after a recommendation I took the plunge and bought it. I've never been disappointed with a MAC product so far so I'm certain I'll love this as I've used a cheaper gel liner before and loved it.
 Washed denim skinny jeans £12 - Asda 
The hunt for the perfect jeans has ended! I've finally settled with this pair. I always struggle with all trousers/jeans/skirts etc to fit my right as I have narrow hips and nothing is ever skinny enough. They'll bulk in the crotch area, be baggy around my knees and ankles making my legs look weird with all this extra fabric hanging on. Its very rare I find skinny jeans that are skinny enough for me that cling properly. This pair are stretchy but tight and so comfortable but they're soft denim! My other pairs of skinnies are really tight denim and I'll only wear them out of the house but I could wear this pair all day long around the house. At £12 each they're a bargain especially as previous pairs of George jeans have worn so well with one favourite design (I have several pairs) I used to wear everyday, for like two years and they're still going strong!
 £3-£6 pjs tops - Asda 
I have developed quite a penchant for Asda pyjamas, particularly their tops. They always do such cute designs and again they wear really well. They're comfortable to sleep in and I tend to mix them up with little short bottoms from Primark when the weathers warmer mind! My boyfriend appreciated the Hulk one and I'm a Disney fan so Tigger was always going to leave with me.
 Sequin heart jumper £10 - Asda 
Another Asda bargain, the photo doesn't do justice for this jumper, its so lovely! It so me with the sequins and heart design. Its slightly dipped at the back which is nice as sometimes clothes are dipped so much they look ridiculous. Seriously can't wait to wear this!
 Coca Cola tee £6 - Asda
Not sure why I felt I had to buy this especially as they didn't have my size so I sized up. I like my t shirts with stuff like this on but I really must stop as my wardrobe is bursting now, especially the t shirt section so unless I charity some clothes I must stop buying which seemly highly unlikely...I find clothes everywhere although I've kept my shopping very limited of late, but who knew I'd find this much in Asda.
 Asda do the cutest knickers! Plus they're so comfortable! Such an old lady with my comfortable clothing!
 £1 candles - Asda
As I was perusing the home aisle and wishing I could buy some pot pourri without my cats eating it or me spilling it (happened before in another persons home, awkward wasn't the word! I was also inebriated, in a bathroom with my best friend haha, however scarred for life!) I could smell this amazing smell...there was a whole candle drop and I got excited as they're the shape for my Yankee candle votive holder. I was really surprised to see these say Yankee candle on them, but the packaging isn't right! I don't think legally Asda could sell these as the same name because of copyright so I think these are genuine Yankees. Cherry is my favourite hence the stock up and Vanilla Frosting was the only other one I liked. There was another smell I wanted but was sold out. These will usually be £2 so I recommend stocking up if you're interested!
I love TRESemm√© products and can't wait to see how my hair is after this hair mask, it was only 99p too. The Kleenex items were reduced to 38p reduced to clear and although I haven't tried either (despite having some facial clothes already) I thought for the price I'd get some. The Garnier hand cream looks really intense and was only £1!

So that was my week, I'm pleased with my current shopping as I'm still getting some bits but not spending a fortune. I was really surprised how much I found clothes wise in Asda but its definitely worth a look for the small price tags. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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