Friday, 8 March 2013

February Favourites

Literally unbelievable March is here already. I've been having a great week off from work, so sad its almost over and I'll be back to the rat race on Monday, le sigh.
I didn't buy any new products in February and used some of the many new and unopened products I already have. I had such a frugal month it was really nice to use some lovely items I'd had sitting for months in my room.
I got round to opening the Soap and Glory set from 2011 so there's alot of it in my favourites
Soap and Glory; Hand Food and Heel Genius
Firstly I have fallen head over heels in love with the insane scent of Soap and Glory. Its so hard to explain because it isn't overly floral, or fruity, or anything, its just this gorgeous mixture of rightness. It has a clean smell to it that lingers for ages after using a product and I couldn't stop smelling myself the first week I was using Soap and Glory haha. I struggle to find hand creams that work for me as my hands get so dry I need a really intense cream but I hate having greasy/slippery hands so like something that sinks in quickly but lasts through hand washing. For me Hand Food ticks all these boxes which is pretty amazing. Heel Genius is a similar cream in its thickness and sinks in quickly too. I never usually use a foot cream just whatever body butter/lotion I've got going but my feet felt softer than usual with this. 
Soap and Glory; Clean On Me shower creme and Mist You Madly body mist, The Body Shop; Strawberry shower gel
Clean On Me has to be one of the most intoxicating smelling shower gels/cremes I have ever had the pleasure to use. It smells divine! This bottle is massive and a little goes a long way so it'll last me ages. I switched to the Body Shop Strawberry one as I get bored quickly and its nearly all gone so will go back to S&G. All Body Shop shower gels smell amazing and Strawberry is so sweet. I'm willing Spring to start! I've loved spritzing the Mist You Madly on as its the Soap and Glory scent in a bottle. If they had a perfume I'd definitely buy it! 
Soap and Glory; Face Soap 3-in-1 facial washer and Pulp Friction body scrub
Two more amazing products. I'm a Soap and Glory convert for sure. Just as well I bought the 2012 Soap and Glory set too, I'm all S&G'd out. I find it hard to find face washes and scrubs that don't make my skin feel tight and horrible so it was pleasant surprise that Face Soap left my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. Its so nice to use I've been making an effort to remember to use it as I usually forget or can't be bothered. Plus it smells amazing and again a little goes a long way. The Pulp Friction is the perfect scrub for sensitive skin as most scrubs scratch my skin leaving it sore and red. A Lush scrub actually once left me with loads of scratches all over my arms like a cat had attacked me. Again it smells amazing and even my boyfriend liked using it haha. The only downside is all the grit it leaves in the bath/shower. But just shows how much they've packed in and how little you need. A quick squirt and it's down the plug hole and forgotten about.  
 Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 
I've had this for ages which is testament to how much you get in a bottle. When I got this I didn't think it would make a difference to my skin but it has. My skin is softer, more subtle and brighter. It's always worth the extra money for a product that is going somewhere as important as your face as that's what will age you most. Once I hit 25 (in six months ARGH!) I want to start using anti-aging products as I was told that's the age...can't hurt even if its rubbish advice!
 Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake 
I bought this shade because everyone was raving about it and saying it was THE shade. However on the handful of times I applied it, I simply detested it. It looked tacky and cheap and horrible. It sat lost and unloved in my lipstick drawer until a few weeks ago. I was hunting for a subtle but pretty shade to wear out and grabbed this, applied it, and it was true love. Its the perfect everyday pretty pink. I'm bewildered as to how and why I overlooked this. Its been coming everywhere with me. Sometimes I think that with lipsticks you have to break through that outer layer to get the true colour/texture/application so it could have been that  as I've broken it now. I hope you know what I mean otherwise I sound crazy!
Rimmel Apocalips in Nova
Another colour I hated on first application. Then I used it for a day out and fell in love with the colour. Rimmel have really upped their game recently and have become much more popular. Its amazing to see all the new products coming out and how fiercely competitive brands are getting.I thought these might be sticky or tacky and collect on the inside of my lips. However its not the cheap product I thought it might be, I was really surprised at how much I liked it.  I want to get another colour but unsure what to go for. I'm braver with red lips now so it would be nice to get a red one to add to my collection.

So they are my favourites of the past month, I really like this month even though there isn't that many products and most are Soap and Glory. Now I'm back spending on make-up I'd love to see what your favourites are!

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