Friday, 8 February 2013

January Favourites

February is going in a flash, how can it already be the 8th?!
I didn't have too many January Favourites as I was spending my money in sales and not really on new beauty products. I spent late Sunday clearing out one of my wardrobes. My boyfriend had run out of his hair wax and I said I bought some more. I have a stock of toiletry back ups and it had got so messy I had no idea what I had and where certain things were. So it all came out of the wardrobe and I had a good sort through. Its now in order and I really must try not to buy anything more. I've set myself a challenge for February to use products lurking in there rather than buying new ones. Its going fine so far but I've still a few more days left in the month to resist! 
 Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray £7.99 Boots (bought in multi-buy offer)
I went on a splurge in Boots when I got my Soap and Glory Best Of All set and this was one of the items I treated myself to. It had caught my eye as it can ombré hair. I'm too scared to use bleach on my hair as I'm trying to grow it plus the amount of red dye still hanging on despite it being a temporary dye would make my hair look odd. I mean red and blonde, I don't think they'll go. I don't want to dye my hair brown just to ombré it. I'm trying to avoid dyeing it this year to see if it grows any quicker. This seemed the ideal solution as although it does contain hydrogen peroxide (used as a bleach) it would be kinder to my hair. The bottle warns "this is a grower not a show-er" and it really is. I've used it three times now (very lightly the first time) and the result is below. After washing your hair and towel drying it, before you blow dry spray this in the desired places. For me this was halfway down, with more sprays on the ends. Comb it through and blow dry. It was quite hard to blow dry my hair after so long of avoiding heat on my hair but I'm so pleased with the results.
 Please excuse my dishevelled appearance - I'd been at work for ten hours, been blown about in gale force winds waiting half an hour for my bus. I pinned my fringe back it had been blown out of place. 
It could just be me but it takes absolutely ages to get your hair completely dry after using this spray! The spray really smells and its sticky, but once fully dry both fade. Plus I have the desired effect so I can't complain. It just feels gross when its sticking to your neck and you are touching your hair while blow drying it. I didn't use a brush during drying as I was worried the sticky spray would cause breakage so I ruffled it with my fingers. It's almost brought the red back out in my hair as my roots are coming through (on a 24 wash hair dye?!) and appearing very dark.
 Avon Far Away Exotic EDP £13
"An inspiring journey of chai spice and lavish saffron rose entwined with the exotic richness of ambered musk"
I've only discovered Avon perfume in the past year or so. Everytime I find a perfume I like it gets discontinued so watch this space ;) I found I really liked Far Away and liked the sound of this. I definitely like my musky smells but sometimes they can make me feel like an old lady. This is perfect as its a girlie almost fruity musk and so nice to wear. Plus it looks really pretty sitting on my dressing table.
Garnier Complete Cleansing Milk £3.15, Garnier Refreshing Toner £3.15, Boots
I love Garnier products. They feel so good to use and always smell lovely. The pink milk has been a firm favourite for years, it really gets all the make-up off my face and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I got the Garnier Toner to try and love that too. I tend to use something different all the time but I used these consistently through January. As I'm appraoching my mid twenties skin care is definitely becoming much more important to me. I am trying to moisturise everyday and use products appropriate to my skin. 
Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream £3.16 (currently on price promotion in Boots)
I bought this hand cream as a travel mini in Primark for £1. Its ridiculous what I buy in Primark for a £1 sometimes. I thought it would be ideal in my bag during winter as my hands get SO DRY! I've never found a hand cream that's been perfect for me. It gets a pain to have to apply hand cream every hour especially as I hate having greasy hands. I used this and was amazed at how quickly it sunk into my skin and how long lasting it is for me. It smells divine too and even my boyfriend likes it!
Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners, around £4 but often on price promotion and I found some in Poundland!
Now I'm washing my hair less I appreciate products that really clean and nourish my hair. Herbal Essences stand out as lovely products. They smell amazing, leave my hair soft and shiny and I love using them. They lather up really well and don't tangle my hair.
Barry M magnetic polish £4.99, Gelly polishes £3.99
I've fallen back in love with Barry M nail polish after abandoning them completely for Models Own. I love the magnetic effect, its so striking. I love how easy it is to do as the 17 ones I'd used previously had been quite difficult with me re-doing certain nails to get them right. Plus the Barry M can be more than one coat which definitely makes them last longer. The Gelly polishes are just amazing, so shiny and pretty. Pomegranate is such a beautiful colour however I would strongly recommend a base coat as I think this would stain otherwise. I'm still using my peeling and brittleness solver from my previous favourites post so its acting as my base coat.
So that's another month done. I don't know what I'll have for February as I'm saving for several shopping trips and days out with my boyfriend in early March but I'm trying to get through my stash of toiletries so that will help. I found last years Soap and Glory set so I'm working my way through that :) 

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