Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Summary #56

Another week has come and gone. The light is starting to draw out, which means spring is on its way! Horray. Feels like so long since the summer ended. Its been pretty cold again this week, warming slightly this weekend and the sun has even made an appearance. I love how much happier you feel when the sun is shining. I didn't spend much this week as I was planning my Valentine's meal and sorting out birthday presents for next week. Its one of my brother's and my oldest youngest brother's girlfriends birthdays. Its been so hard to think of things after Christmas. My brother just got an iPhone so he asked me for a case and an iTunes voucher as he's always downloading music so that was easy. The girlfriend was hard as she's not as girlie as me so I can't cheat and buy her make-up. I had a brainwave on Saturday to buy her a travel guide as they're going away in the summer and my boyfriend found a huge mug as she loves coffee and hot chocolate.  As a family we bought her a go karting experience so finally all birthdays are done until June (I think!). I spent Tuesday evening at my boyfriend's for his Dad's birthday. We got a Chinese takeaway on the way home from work and I got the most amazing chocolate cake from Marks and Spencer's. Honestly their cakes are insane. I adore their food as you certainly get what you pay for. Their prices aren't too high and when the quality is so good it justifies the slightly higher price of a supermarket. I definitely got good girlfriend points for the cake as it went down a storm. Having Chinese on Tuesday meant we didn't want it again Thursday so opted for a three course home cooked meal. I wasn't too excited on Thursday despite decorating the dining room the previous evening as I was rushed off my feet at work. It wasn't until I was on my way home that I felt excited. We had a prawn cocktail for starter as we both love them. My boyfriend wanted steak so I had salmon and I got gastro chips, green beans and carrot, garlic mushrooms and mushrooms we fried in butter (naughty but heavenly). I got a cheesecake for dessert but we got the fondue out and we were so stuffed after a few fondue bites. My boyfriend doesn't like salmon so it was so nice of him to prepare it and cook it for me even when I insisted I'd do it. My lovely gentleman was very naughty as we agreed one tiny present, and he surprised me with a beautiful bunch of roses and a Me To You ornament (well over budget). It was so unexpected and I hadn't seen it yet so it was a huge surprise. I can't wait to have my own house with an ornament cabinet for all my treasures. I think it'll be amazing to have a collection you can look at and remember who got you what and when for.
We had a chilled evening in last night with a massive Dominoes order. The dough balls they do are SO good and I love their potato wedges. We started the Lord Of The Rings boxset last Sunday but I fell asleep halfway through so we watched what I'd missed and the rest followed by Toy Story 2. I am so excited to watch Toy Story 3, it could be my favourite of the three. We woke to a beautiful sunny day this morning and then we went to see This is 40 at the cinema. It was funnier than I expected but I hope my life at 40 isn't like that! There is one truly hilarious scene where they get room service...there was a trailer for a film called Side Effects that I can't wait to see. It stars Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Jude Law (babes!) and looks like its about a new drug affecting a Rooney's character and getting her into trouble. I originally thought it was the follow up to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as Rooney was the first you saw. I haven't got to the cinema much lately but there's not been anything much on so really looking forward to getting back into it.
River Island satchel £35 (ASOS)
I have wanted a satchel for years but I'm so fussy none have ever been bought. When I saw this I really liked it and being from ASOS knew it would be easy to return if I didn't like it after all. I literally gasped when I opened the box. I'm not a nude girl but there's something about this, I love the detail and the contrast between smooth and texture. I'm anxious it might rub on my thigh and get that awful dark mark but I'll try to walk more with it in my elbow than on my shoulder. This bag is so big too, I'll be able to fit loads in.  
 River Island "love makes the world go round" bangle £6
I made a cheeky order on River Island as my bag browsing led to me finding some jewellery I just had to own. I really like this types of bangles but some can be so expensive so I thought this was a great alternative.
River Island Anchor ring £3
An anchor ring was obviously going to be mine. I love this little one so much. 
River Island Luck & Hope rings £4
More rings. I used to always go for big statement rings but am swaying more towards little ones recently. 

 River Island Heart thumb ring £2 
Bit of a long story but when my Mum got her first full time adult job pay packet she bought herself a gold ring with four hearts in a row, two up and two down and she gave it to me when I was little. I've treasured it and its so special but I've never seen anything remotely like it. I won't wear this as a thumb ring but on my fingers. Its the most similar I've ever found so I just had to buy it!
My only purchase this week was for these! I only bought these two colours and went back the next day for the green and pink ones have sold out. I'll get them I'm sure. Mine were 2 for £6 in Superdrug and usually £3.99 each. Boots won't have them for a while yet so Superdrug is the place to go!
 My wonderful boyfriend spoilt me on Valentine's :) 
I'm working more hours again this week so I've definitely got the Monday blues tonight. Sigh, its all money in the pot. Me and my boyfriend are thinking of our summer holiday destination so that's getting me excited and it seems Spring may just be starting to creep in. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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