Monday, 5 March 2012

London 25.02.12

I spent last Saturday in London with my boyfriend which was amazing. Literally one of my best days ever. We got Subway for the train journey so we had eaten when we arrived and had more time. We ended up eating it at 11am and then didn't have tea til after 9pm, how I made it I'll never know!
It was such a beautiful day and I couldn't believe how pretty London looked when we arrived.
We went to buy our tickets for the Sea Life aquarium and the London Eye but the queues were SO long. Probably due to it being a Saturday and a lovely day all the families had come out as well as the usual number of tourists and Londoners. As we weren't doing either til later we made our way to Twickenham to meet my boy's friends who were there for the England v Wales rugby match. It took so long to get out there but it was such a nice vibe to go into when we arrived. I actually quite wanted to stay haha. Trying to make our way back to the station was practically mission impossible, we were going against dozens of people making their way to the stadium. We finally got back and trained to Waterloo. We were like little kids in the Aquarium pointing stuff out to each other. It was a nightmare attempting to photograph anything as you aren't allowed your flash on and its mostly dark. 
The starfish was in the 'feely' tank but there was so many people crowded round we skipped past it. I loved the fish with the pink on. They also had turtles, crocodiles, sharks and penguins. We had just missed the penguin feeding time so they were all chilled out at the back on the ice.
We then made our way to Oxford Street as I wanted to go to a few shops and the boy didn't bring a coat because of the nice weather but it got really chilly in the evening. It really wasn't the season to buy a coat so he braved it in the end. I got what I wanted in Topshop (pictures at the bottom) which is what I was most lusting after. We returned to the London Eye and got tickets straight away due to it being nearly 8pm and much, much quieter. We ended up going over the top twice, as we got to about 3/4 round and had to be reversed . The view is so amazing, I've been on in daytime and this was my first night flight and I was so amazed at how far you can see and how many lights there are! 
We finally got food just after 9 in McDonalds as we wanted to go and see the Olympic countdown. I didn't get my food for ages and I thought I was going to pass out, but I'd opted for a McNugget box and although I couldn't eat all of them it filled a hole. The one thing about London I always think is I would never want to take little children there, it was bad enough trying to keep hold of my boy's hand at times but people leave no room for pushchairs or little ones and I'd hate to struggle through with children. We didn't see the countdown in the end as we went the wrong way and had to tube back to Liverpool St for our train home. Struggled to stay awake on the way home, but kept my eyes open reading Twitter and Facebook haha. Wasn't impressed to get home and find no taxis! 
 Primark; purple blouse, swan blouse, ballet pumps and three rings 
 Topshop; 3x nail polishes, eyeliner brush and lip tint
 Nails l-r; ice crush, hidden treasure, awol
 Sisters of the New Moon lip tint in Crystal
This is what I went for! As soon as I saw it on the shelf I had one in my hand. My boy helped me pick the nail polishes, I really wanted a blue like the one Jessica Wright has been wearing in recent TOWIE episodes. Its a really unusual shade and thought the awol was slightly close to it. I am so in love with the lip tint, the glitter inside sparkles like crazy. Its limited edition so get yours quick!  
Nothing really caught my eye clothes wise in Forever 21, and I was disappointed at how little I got jewellery wise as people rave about it. 
I love London or Nodnol as my boy calls it, we've discussed going for a little holiday there in September for my birthday so watch this space! 

Em x

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