Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Summary #8

Can't believe this is my eighth week doing these! Can't believe its pretty much mid March either, where is this year going?! Had a really good week with lots of socialising and laughter. Monday night work held a quiz night, and came third out of five teams, not bad, not bad at all. Laughed so much, and got so wet. It rained no end that day and I left home without an umbrella, need to have one on hand at work as I always get caught out. 

Thursday night was a retirement meal and had such a good night. Such good food and had quite a bit too drink. I had to get two buses home and by the time I got off at my stop I was so tired and feeling the alcohol could barely walk to my house. Mum was still up! I always tell her not to wait up, especially as she had work the next day. Apparently work asked why she kept yawning and she said I'd bounded in, took my heels off and talked nineteen to the dozen about my brilliant night and the best photo of the century (me and the bestie laughing, best shot ever!). Woke to a slight hangover, gutted I've started getting them nowadays. Then went into work on Friday for the retirement buffet. Afterwards did a quick run of town for my Mum's Mother's Day card and presents, tattoo consultation and found the nicest heels ever! Felt like I was dying at work on Saturday, period pains on a par with what I imagine childbirth will be like, tmi. In a desperate attempt not to go home I ended up with Red Bull, which actually worked. 

Spent today with the boy in pjs, we watched Star Wars II and the rugby. I've traded watching Star Wars with him for him watching Twilight with me. So excited Breaking Dawn is out on dvd tomorrow, never got to the cinema to see it so really want/need to catch up! 

 MAC delivery. Selfridges delivery, love the way they packaged the lipsticks! MAC stack. Result of a complaint to MAC about their customer service. Five new MAC lipsticks <3. Thursday night's heels, I've worn them several times in the last week. Peach jeans. Beautiful new shoes. Primark t shirts. George anchor jumper. Primark blouse, spots this time. Primark pink blazer. 

Five MAC lipsticks in one week takes some beating, will review at a later date as got some beauts after a nightmare. I really should stop buying clothes, soon I'll be bursting out of two wardrobes and I'll never get a third unless another room magically appears in the house. Got my first ever tattoo booked in for Friday, excited/scared. I cannot wait to finally have it done, but unsure of the unknown. I think once I get it I'll love it and have a few more as there are some designs I've found that I love. Everyone tells me they're addictive so I'll soon find out. 

Hope you've all had good weeks :)

Em x 

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