Friday, 23 March 2012

Models Own #3

The lovely Jodie tweeted me a week or so ago to tell me Models Own were releasing another Beetlejuice collection. Words could not express my excitement! I loved the set they released last year and when I saw the three new colours I just had to own them! Jodie wasn't sure when the release was and I couldn't find it online, but when I saw some tweets on Twitter a quick check of the Models Own website showed they were available to buy. Within seconds I had all three in my basket and was looking for some more colours to purchase. I ended up taking a Beetlejuice polish out of my basket, Copper Pot, as it isn't a colour that will suit me. I bought three other colours and a nail art pen.
 l-r tropical sun, thunder & lightning, white nail art pen, indian ocean, soda pink pop, peaches & cream 
Tropical Sun Beetlejuice - this is a perfect summer shade, peach with gold shimmer
Thunder & Lightning - I love glitter polishes and love using Juicy Jules over black or navy polish, but this is a finer Juicy Jules inside a black polish so saves time.
White nail art pen - I already have the black but would rather use white to do polka dots, I want all the other nail art pen colours too. 
Indian Ocean - if you only buy one colour, this is the one. Its the most incredibly pretty blue with a pink shimmer to it, I can't wait to wear this and expect it to become a favourite. 
Soda Pink Pop - the prettiest pink which is the right balance between muted and bright. Its quite unusual and I  almost think it has a coral undertone to it. 
Peaches & Cream - a orange toned peach, that just like Soda Pink Pop is not too muted and not too bright. 
 Beetlejuice: Indian Ocean & Tropical Sun 
 An intruder while I was taking photos, summer is most definitely on its way. Such a warm, sunny day today :)
A close-up of Thunder & Lightning, Indian Ocean & Tropical Sun.
I find it so hard to order online as photos often don't do justice for the item, but in this case I'm happy with all my purchases and will keep and wear all of them :)
Em x

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