Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I keep hearing David Guetta's track Titanium on the radio every morning. I'm not the biggest Guetta fan but he's good to dance to on a night out or getting ready. I LOVE the vocals on this track by Sia, she makes it for me. 

 models own black crackle and barry m nails paints - 307 lemon ice cream, 304 mint green, 308 berry ice cream

The boy suggested I do yellow nails with black crackle but it felt too boring for me, so I used lilac and green too. He did the lilac crackle and kept saying it didn't look good but it did! Crackle tends to differ naturally. 

I really wish Models Own did a white crackle as I really want one so may have to go for the Barry M version. Models Own have just launched their Kaleidoscope collection which looks nice. It has a purple which I will no doubt buy (because its purple) and a yellow. I really want a bright summer yellow so this might just be the one! I'm looking to place an order pronto. 

Em x

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