Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Summary #6

Been on holiday from work since Tuesday which has been amazing. Had such lovely spring weather, been very lucky for February as its usually a very rainy month. Wednesday we doubled dated with my brother and his girlfriend. We went to see Chronicle which I really enjoyed. I wasn't too sure if it would be my sort of film but I really liked the storyline and the actors were cast well for the characters. It had a slightly random ending but also fitted. We went to Frankie and Bennys for tea and ended up getting a main course and all our desserts free! Then we went to see The Woman In Black. Unfortunately it was a packed screen with lots of kids (due to the 12A rating) which meant every scary moment or even slightly scary moment was ruined with lots of screaming followed by endless laughing. As scared as the film made me I loved it. Daniel Radcliffe is such a babe and it was very odd seeing him play a father. Its definitely a must-see and if I can sit through it all when I hate scary stuff then anyone can! We walked home because the buses are irregular in the evening and it was pretty eerie walking through a park cut through. Thursday I got the boy geocaching with me although we failed to find the two we set off for but we ended up with a nice country walk and cakes and magnums on the way home. Friday we had another chilled day with a pub lunch and another box of Magnums. I also suffered the trauma of a cut foot with an overly dramatic bandage due to no plasters in the house! Its still sore today but healing well.  Spent yesterday in London with my boy which was amazing. We managed to fit so much into the day but will blog about it separately as I got some bits shopping.

Ridiculous spring outfit for geocaching. Country field view. Horizon. Pretty church. Three tops with that collar I can't get enough of. Topshop heart ring and Primark Kate engagement ring dupe. Butterfly blouse. Dixie on my rolled back duvet. Pub lunch. Cut foot. 

Got another box of Magnums after lunch today. Three in the past four days, the local shop must be so confused haha. Off to bed soon I'm still so tired from London and back to work tomorrow, wah. 

Hope you've all had good weeks

Em x 

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