Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Born To Die

I am so obsessed with Lana Del Rey and her song "Born To Die". I have watched the video SO many times! Possibly my biggest girl crush at the moment. Her album is on my shopping list so should get it soon. Trying to avoid town this week although I need to get a hair donut and a Tangle Teezer, so might pass HMV. Thoroughly enjoyed my first day of holiday from work, me and the boy had a lay in and then occupied the sofa in our pjs for some hours watching music channels and the news. Had my brothers 19th birthday yesterday, was so tired to get home from work and discover Mum was really behind with his birthday tea. Luckily my boy was a few minutes behind me and between the three of us got it all served up. Finally got a bottle of Baileys in the house and couldn't wait to have a glass. Didn't drink all of mine and ended up with my Mum's too as she's not drunk in ages because of medication. Watching the Brits tonight with some coke and amaretto and birthday cake. 

Date day/evening tomorrow with my boy. Two cinema trips with a Frankie & Benny's wedged in between. We're seeing Chronicle and then The Woman In Black, quite looking forward to a good scaring, I rarely watch thrillers/horrors. Its probably only because Daniel Radcliffe is in it and I'm an epic Harry Potter fan. We saw Rupert Grint twice in the Lego House video, he will always be Ron Weasley to me <3 

I am overly impressed with my nails this week. I painted my hands in reverse to each other in No7 nail polishes Minty Fresh and Me Me Me. I was going to use my trusty old bottle of Models Own Juicy Jules glitter but the boy arrived and said crackle. I decided to try out a black Models Own crackle I bought cheap off ASOS a few months ago. The boy was laughing at me saying I looked in awe of it, but literally it IS the most amazing crackle I've ever seen! I always just assumed the Barry M was the best you could get, how wrong I was! I can't wait to get more colours of the Models Own crackle because they look incredible. I find the Barry M looks messier compared to this one and leaves a texture that I really dislike that not even a top coat can get rid of. 

These photos don't do justice for how clear the crackle is, I guess the Barry M as it separates leaves residue behind whereas the Models Own leaves it clear so it leaves a better effect. My black Barry M really needs to be binned as its gone gloopy. 

Any excuse to buy more Models Own and seeing as they launch their Shop in a Bottle soon I will obviously be looking to visit, and if you visit its rude not to spend. 

As I was about to publish this Lana Del Rey won a Brit Award! So happy for her she really deserves it. 

Em x 

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