Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Summary #4

It's been a relatively quiet week due to the snow. I barely did any shopping this week as I couldn't bear to venture far on my work lunch. Me and the boy had a pizza hut trip planned but ended up ordering it for delivery with my family so we kept warm and dry. The night we planned to go the temperature was meant to be minus 6! Couldn't resist a MAC order but only allowed myself one item, I'm very impressed with how restrained I can be sometimes. Very excited for Valentine's Day, got a romantic night in planned. Also excited for Easter already, the selection of chocolate is going to make me so fat. Already had several Malteaster bunnies and a few Creme eggs, nom. On a mission to find the Kit Kats Chunkys Champions. Really want to try the white chocolate one, and I saw them a few weeks ago and never got any and now can't find any anywhere! Had another great weekend, had a run of them lately. Only got a week and a day left of work before I have a week off. Can't wait to just chill out, spend lots of time with my boy and not have to get up early.

Another blouse! MAC lipstick in Pretty Please, will blog about this soon as it was too dark to capture today. Also have some other lip products to talk about. Getting excited about the 2012 Olympics and collecting the coins, although I don't want all of them :-s. RED HAIR AGAIN! :) Jewellery holder from Claire's Accessories, my standing one has too much weight to see what I have and turn so hoping this solves some of the problem. 3 for 2 on jewellery at Claire's, the middle necklace I got for my Mum, although I now want one haha. My baby girl Dixie on my bed. Barry M Bright Purple & Gold Crackle nails. Pizza hut delivery. My boy Ronnie stealing not only my seat, but my blanket too. The view from my bus stop on Monday morning. 

Hope you've all been enjoying the snow and keeping safe and warm. Although it snowed last night, rain this morning helped clear a lot of the pavements. It's not been a lot of fun trying to walk on compacted ice and snow, so the patches left I can work my way around. 

The year is going so fast, can't believe its the middle of February already! 

Em x 

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