Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Summary #5

Another quiet week. Time is speeding by so fast. Not done much except Valentine's. Had the loveliest night, the best Valentine's ever. The snow has finally all gone thanks to rain during the week and the temperature has finally risen so I'm not moaning about it being like Moscow outside. At one point I was wearing 5 layers into work and still feeling cold with the heating on. Still had no luck finding the Kit Kat Chunky Champions, might just vote for the white chocolate one anyway haha then I might get one! 

 My Valentine's card. LE Love Hearts tin, I had to get one as they are my favourite sweets and remind me of my boy. Easter chocolates, the last bag of mini Love Hearts in the shop and M&S cashews nuts <3 I always wish graze would just send me cashews, chocolate & honeycomb flapjack and the herb garden haha. Panda pjs and knickers. Valentine's red roses <3. Skinny chinos addiction, the pink colour look amazing in real life! Dolls hosue necklace. My two babies. 

Scheduled this post on Friday as today is the joint birthday party of one of my little brothers and my brothers girlfriend. Me and the boy will be helping my Mum set up and do all the food etc. By this time I expect to be stuffed full of buffet food, face ache from smiling for dozens of photos and feeling grateful for my amazing family and boyfriend. Hope you've all had good weeks. 

Em x 

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