Tuesday, 1 November 2011

At Your Inconvenience

Usually my blog post titles are song titles but on this occasion I have to use an album title. Professor Green's second album was released yesterday and I have been dying to hear it. I remember the very first time I heard I Need You Tonight, and literally leapt out of bed to learn more about him. I just knew he was going to be successful. It's such a nice feeling to watch an artist you believe in become big. 

I'm still in the "i love every track on the album equally" stage but with time it'll change to liking certain tracks more than others, and playing them on repeat.

My nails today look like this: 

I used the green 17 Magnetized nail polish I bought last week. I love the colour, which is unlike me as I usually don't like green at all!
The Models Own Beetlejuice polishes went on sale at 10am this morning. I originally asked my Mum to buy them but then never left her the details, and at work today toyed with the idea of calling her. I decided they couldn't possibly sell out and I'd buy them when I got home from work. Some of the individual polishes are sold out but I want the boxset, which is sold out ...waaaah! Fingers crossed they get more. 

Happy 1st of November! Hope you all enjoyed Halloween 
Em x

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