Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Summary #47

The panic is beginning to set in that I only have a week and a bit until Christmas! Luckily I won't be giving my boyfriend his presents until after Christmas but my friends and family needs sorting! I must get on with making bracelets to complete all the presents and I still have one brother to buy a main present for, I was so close as I found a shirt but got the wrong size. I knew he was a medium but thought it looked too big so got a small only for my Mum to say no he'll want a medium for arm length. Gah! Getting stressed about my boyfriend's main present because its such a massive project that I should have started sooner but some set backs aren't my fault but a company I've used to source the bulk of it.
I feel like I can't remember this past week it's passed in such a quick blur. I finally took a chance and ordered some high top wedges on Monday night as I had a money off coupon for Matalan but you couldn't use it in conjuction with their online offer of free delivery which was irritating. I continued with the order anyway. I had a tough few days at work, Christmas makes people exceptionally rude and stressed. I woke to the email that the Soap & Glory gift set would be £27 on Friday so I was very excited for that. They are incredible value for money and I love getting them. A Lush has just opened in town (HALLELUJAH! long time blog followers will know I've been waiting for this practically all my life) and in its first days it was relatively empty and now suddenly people have discovered it. It's permanently packed and I haven't been able to shop simply. I went late night shopping with my boyfriend and had hoped to make it in then but it was crammed again. I was up early on Friday for my Soap and Glory and had to brave Lush despite it still being too busy to look properly and they were out of some items I wanted. I got some presents too and had to head home just as the heavens decided to open and pour with rain. I got drenched and I could barely walk to the bus stop with all my bags but I just about managed it. My Matalan order arrived on Friday and I got a MAC lipstick on the Debenhams sale. I met my boy from work and found some pretty bits in Claire's Accessories. So basically it has been Merry Christmas to me this week!
I've been incredibly frugal these past few weeks though and making presents for friends rather than spending my usual amount has saved me a packet. Plus this week I sold some shares I bought back in 2009 for £6.53 when I originally bought them for £2.87! Talk about returning the money. I was always skeptical about shares and only entered the scheme in a bid to control my money and save money indefinitely. Its so simple to do because they take an amount from you, £20 per month for example, and after a set time, three or five years, the account opens for you. It seemed a great and effortless way to save money that I could never touch until its maturity and then transfer the amount to my house deposit fund. I'm still to understand more but the alternative for shares is to keep them with the company and you get a return from the companys profits (I think). Certainly worth a look if you are rubbish with money or take from your savings so end up with no savings at all. I'm terrible at moving money from my current account to savings accounts so seemed the answer for me. I also have an ISA that deducts from my current account each month.
Last night me and my boyfriend went to our friend's house for a curry. She's just moved in with her partner and we hadn't been over yet. The house is breath takingly beautiful. Its my dream home with georgian windows and very modern. Fortunately my boyfriend loved it too so its nice to know if we move out together we're on the same page. The curry was so nice too although I couldn't finish it all. I've only just tried them and have only had a korma and a tikka masala (last night) I'm not a spicy girl so its good to discover they're mild.
It's been quite exciting to shop with my boyfriend for our families as I've never done it with a boyfriend before. We've clubbed together for my Mum's birthday present which is the 29th December and I might burst with excitement. Its a limited edition Disney print which I'm sure she'll treasure.
I really love the X Factor single and I can't say no to buying items that contribute to charity. Plus you get three other songs on here. James deserved to win and I hope he does well. 
Meant to get this DVD for so long so when I was online Christmas shopping I found this for £3.49 so ordered it right away. I haven't actually seen the entire film just parts but I love Leo and Mark and I've heard great things about this. 
Paperchase tags & treat bags 
Thought the treat bags would be cute for my bracelets rather than tissue paper. Can't find tags for don't open til 25th december anywhere, think they sold out instantly most places. 
New Look £5.50 pumps
I love the Union Jack pair I got earlier in the year, so comfy and perfect to throw on for shopping, cinema and running errands. I had a 25% off code on my iPhone so nipped down to New Look and was thrilled to find these half price, I wanted the purple pair but they didn't have my size. 
 New Look £16.99 Swallow Peter Pan top
I've been lusting after this online for weeks and with my code I looked for it in store and found it. I love it even more because the swallows have wing detail just like my tattoo, haha such a geek. 
Matalan high top wedges £18 
I LOVE THESE! My boyfriend is somewhat taller than me which is great when I wear heels as I'm not taller than him (it makes me cringe for some reason) and often I wish heels could be appropriate for when we go out but its not an occasion for heels. I think these may bridge that gap as they give me height, look casual and are insanely comfortable. I have now ordered the black pair too....
Superdrug Batiste £1.45, Pantene Instant Damage Defence spray £2.29 (both better than half price offers)
If I ever got stranded on a desert island, Batiste would be one of my items I couldn't be without.  I'd got through the can at work so needed another and Superdrug always seem to have it on offer. I bought several cans and will probably go back for more. 
MAC Pink Pearl Pop £12.60
I've been after this for a while but stores I visited didn't have it in stock. I avoided looking online as I'd buy more than this. I happened to go on Debenhams website and they had 10% off beauty so I ordered it. I only got this as others I want were out of stock which was just as well.
Claire's Accessories £4.50
I couldn't resist these Christmas rings and seemed a bargain for 7! The camera hasn't picked up how glittery they are but they're so cute anyway. 
Claire's Accessories Owl ring £4
I love owls and I love rings. I'm not sure if this is a "speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil" type thing or whether its just three owls on a branch.
Claire's Accessories Bow & Bell earrings £3
I usually wear Christmas earrings at work but haven't even dug them out of the loft for this year with my lack of time so picked these to tide me over a few days closer to Christmas. 
Claire's Accessories "Think Of A Wonderful Thought" band ring £4
So hard to get a good picture of this. I've been thinking of having a Disney quote and this is one that I have been seriously considering. I love the positive feel to it and I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this. Disney Couture does stuff like this but at a much much higher cost so I had to take advantage. 
THAT Soap & Glory gift set £60 £27
The best of the week by far. Absolute bargain and I really like the bag this year as I wasn't crazy about last years...even though this is £2 more this year and has less products its still great value for money as the items alone are worth £70 altogether. These go quick and online is sold out so try your local Boots if you're still after one. 
TRESemme Texture Style products 3 for £9 
These are my most used from the texture range so I got some more on offer as they retail for £5.50 each. I reviewed these on my October Favourites so look back if you want to read more here.  
Lee Stafford, 3 for 2 
I'm toying with the idea of ombre hair but because its been dyed red and the red is still lingering I think it'll look odd. So I may have to get the red out, then stick to my natural dark brown hair although all the red dye seems to have altered my natural colour or dye my hair dark brown and then bleach the ends. I'm not too sure what to do and I'm terrified of getting it wrong but found this Lee Stafford Sunkissed spray which can ombre your hair if sprayed at the ends. I then thought I could do with another hair growth treatment and it seemed silly not to get a third item because of the 3 for 2 so picked the shine spray. 
H&M Lady & The Tramp tee £9.99
I can't resist anything Disney :)
Lush Dirty shower gel £4.45 & Rehab shampoo £5.10
Dirty smells of spearmint Polos, sold. I adore spearmints Polos, so to smell like one, yes please! Plus I've bought a sickening number of Snow Fairy bottles...
Rehab I'm hoping will be a miracle product for my hair as it sounds, looks and reads like it will encourage healthy hair that grows. 
I chose to go for this as its a bright, neon colour and I have previously got Angel Delight and fancied a change. The paper is insanely pretty too I couldn't unwrap it yet!

Various bath bombs, yummy. 
So that's my week of shopping. A naughty amount when Christmas is just around the corner and I haven't finished my shopping yet, whoops. However the shops shouldn't be full of so many lovely gifts that I want for myself. So really its not my fault :)
Hope you've all had good weeks.

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