Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday Summary #48

This will be a short and sweet Sunday Summary as I've been wrapping presents all day and not even halfway there yet plus the secret project for my boyfriend is about 40% completed, eek!!
I've been very good this week and all I've bought is three more pairs of high top wedges (reason in a minute), stocking fillers and Christmas roll wrap. My Mum got me a beautiful sequin dress from H&M that I adore. By some stroke of luck I'd seen it a few days before but they didn't have my size. She went in on Monday and got it half price and in my size. It was meant to be mine! I only bought three pairs of high top wedges because I wanted to compare and will return them, my boyfriend told me to keep all of them but I can't justify them as much as I love them!
My Christmas tree has caused me some hassle this year as I couldn't find the fibre optic lead for it so I had put some fairy lights on. When I told my Mum not all of the bulbs lit she removed them! She's insistent to get a refund but I loved them so much I'm desperate to keep hold of them. She replaced them and the new ones aren't so bad, but there's only 40 big bulbs to the 120 little ones before. I want to trail them around my room after Christmas but 40 bulbs will only go over one of my canvases. I'm such a perfectionist its annoying - Virgo trait.
To say its rained this week would be a slight understatement, it has truly poured! Plus everyone has gone Christmas mad. Maybe I've never noticed previous years but the last few days have been an eye opener with town rammed, heaving busy shops, rush hour traffic at any given hour and the longest sorting office queue. I'm quite excited for Christmas and I'm hoping the festive feeling really kicks in tomorrow with it being Christmas Eve.
BHS sale - Coca Cola straw holder £3.50, Coca Cola wall bottle opener £2.50, Me To You Christmas cards £2.50
I got everything half price online as my boyfriend was ordering a present for my brother. We'll keep the Coca Cola bits for when we move out :) 
 H&M dress £29.99 £15 
This is the dress, the sequin are a mixture of green and blue and look incredible as they catch the light with the movement of the dress. I call it my mermaid dress and I'm dying for a special occasion to wear this baby out 
Different tree lights from last week
Matalan high top wedges £16.20 (last chance to buy 10% off)
Although these are the same design as last week's nude ones I'm not sure I like the black and white contrast. I think this pair will be going back for sure. 
Matalan high top wedges £20
I really like these on! They look so nice and the higher top makes me feel more secure in them because they're hugging your ankles more. I fell in love with these the moment I opened the parcel. 
Matalan high top wedges £20 
I do like these, but I'm not sure again on the white contrast with the nude (Matalan call these khaki, but they're not, more camel toned) They feel secure like the black ones because of the higher top and velcro securing. 
This is the LINK for all the above high top wedges, still all available and oddly the top ones have gone back to full price? 
So that's my treats for the week. I now must dash back to my bomb site room and continue wrapping presents. I'm not sure when I'll next blog as this time last year my family were going through an horrific time and its all a blur so this Christmas is going to be different. We're all sorted to have a lovely, cosy family few days and as me and my brothers all love Christmas its important we get back to what we love. 
So Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you have the loveliest time with your loved ones and eat plenty of naughty festive goodies x

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