Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dotty Reds

 Models Own Red Alert and white nail art pen
This weeks nails come courtesy of my boyfriend who thought of the idea and assisted me. I have never been able to do my other hand, I write with my right hand and my left just doesn't have the same control so I've always been wary of complicated nail art. Plus I'm a perfectionist! I have had so many compliments on how festive my nails are and have loved wearing them. These are really simple to do - just use any red polish and any white nail art pen or a dotting tool with white polish. A protective clear top and voila!
I'm miles behind on Christmas this year with a few bits still to buy eek! Never mind the wrapping and bows and bags and tags. And I have to make up my Christmas treat bags. And I'm making Christmas cookies for my work's buffet on Friday, so one busy bee I shall be. Very excited that this time next week Christmas Day will almost be over, sad times. But hurrah for sales.
What are your festive nails of choice?

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