Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Summary #23

Can't believe this is my 23rd Sunday Summary post, plus its my age! My boyfriend has been away this week on a lads holiday to Malaga. I have missed him so much! He's back tomorrow and I can't wait to squeeze him. I spent my day off work with my best friend and her baba. At almost two and a half she is amazing, the things she says are hilarious. Although she is definitely pushing the boundaries and being cheeky. She's always been fascinated by my nails ever since she was tiny, and she told me they were "sparkly" and kept touching them. I was amazed she even knew the word! After a busy day of park, rain, walks, two viewings of the Gruffalo and a trip to Asda me and my bestie had the evening to ourselves. Pizza, salad, wine gums and Rolos. Had such a good time and got to give her the birthday present I'd got her. She's older then me at 31 but we get on like a house on fire, and she put it perfectly when she said we are like sisters.
Spent the majority of my evenings tidying my room, reading and watching tv/films. Got the spring clean bug in me. Spent today rearranging my dvds, throwing out old magazines and sorting clothes for keep/return. Lots of other little parts of my room I want to clear out but got a week off work in mid July so might do it then if not before.
My phone contract upgrade date came up on Wednesday but I had been so split about whether to stay with BlackBerry or go with iPhone I left it. My boy said he'd help me when he got home, but I am swaying towards the iPhone. I really want Instagram as I love taking photos and the effects look amazing. I'm not keen on touchscreen phones but all the Android ones are touchscreen so I haven't much choice if I want a bigger selection of apps. However although I can do it online if I want to keep my number I'll have to go into store, so will take my boy with me. Hate the way some phone sales people are so pushy, I know that's their job but if a customer says no or has already told them that's not what they want they should listen.
Any advice, please comment below, on how to tackle such sales people or to vote BlackBerry or iPhone, feel free!
 Primark goodies from Mum: "Converse" and passport holder & luggage tag. Neon jumper anyone? Butterfly wing print dress. Dipped hem Tropical dress. Daisy earrings. New wall art. Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone. Cashew nuts are my favourite. My weather. The boys weather. Sunday lunch :) Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets.

Couldn't believe I found a neon jumper in Primark! They are also doing ombred jumpers too, very fast on the following of other high street stores hmm. The butterfly wing print dress was so unusual I had to get it, looks huge on the photo but is a 12. I sized up as Primark are difficult with sizes but its a bit big for me so not sure what to do. Couldn't resist the dip hem dress, so pretty. Can't wait to wear it! Watching all the Harry Potter films from the start as I usually watch my favourites which are the later ones. I've started reading more and might blog about it. I will re-read the Harry Potters eventually, been saying for years I will! Really glad my boy isn't here, the England game is far too tense. Been flicking occasionally between the game and Radio One's Hackney weekend but as the game goes on I'm flicking more!
Hope you've all had good weeks. I've got a four day week at work this week so hopefully I can have more photos to share haha.

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