Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mint Dream

The weather is all over the place at the moment. Monday was overcast and grey. Tuesday was bright and sunny with blue skies. Wednesday was very hot, too hot for work and made me absolutely desperate to wear a maxi dress or a summer dress or a bikini or shorts or just anything summery haha. Today was grey, dark and pouring with rain. Got soaked on my way into work regardless of my huge union jack cage umbrella. In my haste to get to work (the rain always affects the traffic and puts me on the drag) stood a bit too close to a crossing and a car splashed up a puddle onto my shoes. Had to change them when I got into work and put the soggy ones on the radiator. The middle of the day brightened and then when I left work, back to downpour. Its now blowing a gale outside and very black. Honestly for June this is ridiculous!

Anyway regardless I opted for some sparkley nails to brighten my days, My boyfriend is currently enjoying 32 degree weather in Malaga and I would love to be there with him, on the beach, soaking up the rays.
 please excuse the scrape on my finger, no idea how i got it! 
barry m 304 mint green and models own juicy jules 
Such a cute combo. Juicy Jules is absolutely amazing for sparkling in the light, and I love wearing it. If you are only going to own one Models Own polish: make it Juicy Jules!

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