Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Summary #63

I went back to work on such a high on Tuesday after a lovely Easter and had a crap day haha. It looks like Spring is finally here as although its still been chilly and windy its warmed up this weekend. Sunshine puts everyone in a great mood. I am seriously excited for Summer to arrive. I've had a relatively quiet week, getting through work and I felt so unwell on Thursday, I actually considered going to A&E but woke on Friday morning to my period. I suffer so badly and occasionally get it where its virtually unbearable. I hope it eases one day but for now Nurofen Plus is my hero.

I ordered Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience a while ago but kept getting emails to say they were having problems getting a copy. I eventually received it this week and I LOVE it! I was a little worried I wouldn't like it, I was a huge fan from Justified and Future Sex/Love Sounds blew me away but The 20/20 Experience is everything a true fan could want. He's changed his sound a little to fit in with today and grown up but it is unmistakenly Justin. I'm so pleased HMV have been saved somewhat as it would leave such a gap on the high street, I've been finding it hard to get items especially as I don't tend to listen to mainstream music. I also ordered the Made In Chelsea boxset as me and my boyfriend had been catching old episodes and quite enjoyed it. I haven't watched it continuously from the start just dipped in and out so it'll be interesting to catch up. However it does seem Spencer has gotten arrogant as time has gone on and his behaviour in adverts for the new series seem so full of himself.

I've had a good shopping week again. I can't wait for Primark to get their summer dresses in as I love them. I've confirmed for a hen do in July which will be a treasure hunt in Cambridge. I am so excited as I've never been a hen before. We're getting t-shirts printed up and the treasure hunt sounds hilarious. You get split into two teams and have missions to do racing the other team back to the meeting point. The first team back wins and on the way you have to find places and take photos to prove you did the task. Being in July I'm hoping for hot weather so I'll want a pretty skirt or cute shorts to team with my t-shirt. Plus for the actual wedding I want a beautiful dress. I've been looking at prom dresses as can't find a dress that looks special enough but I'll show you on here what I find.
 incense cones and bowl £2 - Evolution 
I love incense and candles but don't have a little bowl for the cones. I usually use sticks but they can be messy and one stick stand I burnt using a cone on it so it seemed about time to invest. I love Evolution and this set was too cute to miss.
 Lucky Charms £10 for two - Amazon 
Ever since I bought my boyfriend Lucky Charms for his birthday last year we've been craving more but they can be hard to find. We came across these on Amazon on special offer and couldn't resist. The box is normal size but Amazon lists it as a value pack but it will come up if you search for Lucky Charms.
 Made In Chelsea boxset £12 - Sainsburys online 
I think E4 might be on series 5 now but it'll take me ages to go through this. It'll be interesting to see how the characters progress as it seems some people like Spencer and Millie used to be close but have fallen out.
 Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience Deluxe Edition 
The god that is Justin. I read this is the first part of the experience and there's more to come...
 Primark Paris vest £4 
Mum found these two Primark items for me. I haven't been in for ages so should really take a look as I love their blouses and I've seen Instagrams of some jewellery I want to get.
 Primark Mickey Mouse neon t-shirt £6
 Gum Powder and Fizz Wiz Popping Candy - Amazon 
While ordering Lucky Charms I thought I'd see what else I could find. Amazon tends to sell chocolate and sweets in bulk which is pretty pointless if its just for you as I'd get sick of an item if I had 28 of them. Gum Powder was such a favourite of mine as a child. There was only one shop in town that sold it and being so young I rarely went in unless with my Mum or a friend and parent. Its hard to describe as I haven't had any yet, but its a black bubblegum that's sour but not sharp sour. I love popping candy and I'm going to try to use this on top of iced buns next time I bake.
 Primark blue floral blouse - eBay
I stumbled upon this while browsing randomly one night. I often like to see what people are selling and decided as I hadn't bought anything from eBay in ages I just had to get this. I taught my boyfriend how to be the best at bidding and win! For some reason the tag has been ripped (don't know if you have to) and there's a tiny mark/tear on the back I'm not happy about but nothing I can do about it. I'm hoping some Vanish will help.
Vanilla Coca Cola 2 8-packs for £5 - Morrisons 
How could I leave these out!? Pure heaven. Me and my boyfriend have been paying £1.50 for a can on the odd occasion and now it seems Vanilla coke is making a comeback? I'll probably be sick of the stuff after these though!
 Minnie Mouse £6 - Asda 
I love Disney and Mum called me to ask if I wanted her to get me this. It sounded cute so I said yes and I wasn't disappointed when she gave it to me. Plus she has sequins on her bow and shoes! 
 Minnie Mouse phone case £5 - Asda 
I love having new phone cases and I've had my eye on this for ages but felt £10 was too overpriced. It doesn't fit great but I'll forgive that.
Storage boxes £12.99 BOGOF - WHSmith 
What an absolute bargain! And so pretty. I couldn't believe this deal when I saw it. They have loads including magazine files and photoboxes but these were the best for me. I'm planning to go through my bottom drawer stuff in the loft (items for my house when I move out) in my week off work soon and need some boxes. I'll probably use these in my room for now but even when I move out will look pretty in a corner somewhere. They are huge though so take the biggest bags you own when you go as they don't fit into carrier bag. The smaller boxes are obviously inside the bigger and I managed to get these into a Sainsburys raffia shopper with the back on the bottom. It wasn't easy but worth it. 

Hope you've all had good weeks 

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