Monday, 1 April 2013

Sunday Summary #62

I've had such a lovely Easter with my boyfriend. The long weekend has been just what I needed, a good break from work and sunshine! Although it snowed Saturday morning and has been so windy today. We spent Saturday in Cambridge with my boyfriend's brother, sister in law and nephew. My family were all working over Easter at some point or away  and we don't usually do anything exciting for Easter. It just happened to fall perfectly this weekend to be with my boyfriend's side.

Cambridge has pretty much found a place in my heart after just one trip. When I met my boyfriend he'd always say he wanted to live in Cambridge but I'd never been before and didn't know why he liked it so much. I loved the buildings and the town and the quaint little cobbled streets. Although I'd like to stay in my hometown close to my family I'd be very much swayed if it become a reality to live in Cambridge. It was also my first venture into a John Lewis...amazing! I want everything for my house from there! I bought a couple of things including an OPI nail polish and a new Cath Kidston bag. We didn't do much shopping as we spent most of our time chatting and walking about, my boyfriend loved pushing the buggy with his nephew in. They have an iCandy which is so nice. Plus they were looking for baby proof house items. Honestly how many baby products are out there! We're hoping to go back up in a few weeks time for a shopping day, eeee! Its so nice to shop somewhere that has virtually every shop I want and those shops to stock an extensive range. I love viewing products in person but I'm often left having no choice but to buy online as I can't get it in town. I've ended up with a lot of make-up and items that looked nice online and not so great in person. We found an amazing little sweet shop called Hardy's and spent a crazy amount of money, but when in Rome and all that. They had every other cereal except Lucky Charms which was sad but I know I'd eat them constantly if I could. I accidentally found them on Amazon, with the bigger value packs on offer so it seemed crazy to let that pass. I also found some popping candy which I'm going to use in baking when I get a chance.

Sunday was spent half at my house and then half at my boyfriend's for an Easter roast with his parents, sister, brother in law and 2 nieces and nephew. Its so weird having little kids running around as my cousins were the same ages as my brothers, so now we've all grown up and not had our children yet its quite weird being around children again. And it feels super weird to discuss adult things such as moving out, mortgages and babies. I feel like I'm on the cusp of entering proper adulthood - finding a house and a mortgage, setting up home, getting married and having my own family. Children need so much attention from keeping them occupied between courses at the dining table to giving them attention and playing after lunch. Family time makes me so lucky and squishy with love, its always been important to me and after events in my life in the past 18 months it means more than ever.

I went into the Ted Baker store in Cambridge which was amazing. So many beautiful dresses and I adore their bags. I currently have two Lilcons and was so tempted to get a third. It wasn't helped by John Lewis stocking them aswell. I settled for a Cath Kidston bag as I'll use it for work and its more practical. I resisted make up as I'm trying really hard not to just splurge on things I have that are similar, I have lots of or simply don't need. It leaves me so much more money each month. I have some time off work near the end of April and I'm going to spring clean my room for old and unworn clothes, jewellery and make-up to donate to charity. Its so nice to think of my unloved items being treasures found by someone else. I always hope a little Grandma will find something girlie for her grandaughter. I should look in charity shops myself but I have so little spare time it always gets forgotten.

Today was spent with a little lay in, followed by a trip to Morrisons for their salad bar. They're the only supermarket that still have one and its always so good. I was craving it so much and we found vanilla Coca Cola too. My boyfriend was so pleased as the big bottles are £1 and we always pay £1.50 for a can so I guess its making a comeback?! One of the best films ever was released on DVD today too, Silver Linings Playbook! I loved it from start to finish, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are a dream team and I adored the way they played their characters.
Easter presents from my Mum. My treat bag split hence the food bag haha. 
Presents from my boyfriend. So odd they got me the same egg but I only like Cadburys eggs. 
I never remember to add in my Avon orders so here's this weeks. I love the summer fragrances they launch every year so got my hands on Riviera Goddess as soon as I spotted it. I haven't smelt it yet but they're usually summery. I'm not sure why I got the Clearskin peel off mask, I think I felt I needed it. I haven't used a peel off mask for years, they're quite satisfying if I remember rightly. I also want to get some sort of mud face mask as I haven't used one of those for years either. I had to get the polish everyone is raving about. I originally looked over it because I've had Colortrend polishes before and they've not been that great. It looks so pretty in photos. It's different size pieces of gold glitter suspended in clear polish. I've tested it over a nail and it looked lovely. I only paid £1.40 too so it was bargain.
 I've had this eye on my bag since the January Cath Kidston brochure popped through my door but I had resisted. Seeing it in person I knew I had to get it. Its the new shape box bag, more curved and softer edges. Its only £24 and it may be small but honestly these bags are like Mary Poppins bags. You can fit SO much in! Its perfect for me for work as I'm on public transport and it sits on my arm nicely, and doesn't get in the way.
 OPI in Lights of Emerald City £11.50
My first ever OPI! And what a polish to start the collection. I was torn between this and Which Is Witch? but my boyfriend voted for this and it really is so different to anything else I own. Its irridescent and matte white squares suspended in clear polish. I can't wait to wear it. I've seen Oz The Great and Powerful twice now and its so good! My boyfriend thinks Disney might re-do The Wizard of Oz which would be so cool as the effects they could do now would be amazing.
This soap smells divine! I love tangerine and satsuma scents so this was a must for me. The candle and reed diffuser section in John Lewis smelt incredible. I honestly couldn't pick. I have quite a stash of Yankee Candles too so I hardly need anymore. 
Ultrabland £6.25 - Lush 
I made a quick stop in Lush as they were about to close to get a cleanser as my eyes are still sometimes having a reaction when I remove my make-up. If this doesn't help I'm going to change my liquid eyeliner. I bought the MAC Fluidline but haven't used it yet so I'll see if that helps. Otherwise I have no idea what is upsetting them. I use Simple Eye which is virtually just water so it can't be that. My only other thought is the cotton pad fibres are the cause. 
Ice Neon in Pink Punch, Mirrorball in Boogie Nights, Fruit Pastel in Strawberry Tart - Models Own £5
These were on 3 for 2 which obviously meant I couldn't just get one! My boyfriend helped me pick but it was so hard as I virtually have all of them now. I can't decide whether to get the mint green in the Models Own Fruit Pastel collection or the Barry M textured mint green. The Pink Punch is seriously bright. My boyfriend's favourite colour is green so he wanted me to get Toxic Apple but I already have it in normal polish. I won't be keeping my Ice Neon in the fridge because I'm not sure I really need to?
Neutrogena Visibly Clear daily scrub £2.65, Cherry Chap Stick £1.05, Nail Art Tattoos £5.99, Colgate Max White One £1.99 - Boots 
A few bits and bobs on offer plus I found some nail tattoos! I was going to buy these online so was pleased to find them in store. My boyfriend bought the whole range of the Colgate Max White One, he drinks tea and coffee and this really worked on whitening my teeth so I'm sure it'll help him if not remove the surface stains from coffee. I was resisting an EOS mint lip balm and spotted this cherry Chap Stick. I really like them and they don't irritate my lips. 
Happy Easter to us! As if I don't have enough chocolate to last me all year me and my boyfriend can't resist a sweet shop. We both love Millions especially Bubblegum flavour and I'd been after some Extra fruit gum for ages. The tin of sweets remind me of being a child and always having a tin in the car for travelling. I loved them so much and the supermarkets don't stock them anymore. They had all the flavours and it took me so long to decide but I went for fruit, some of the others were just citrus fruits. My boyfriend had only said to me the day before about there being a shop you can pick your flavour jelly beans and this shop had it! I stocked up on my favourites: bubblegum, tutti frutti and cherry cola. 

So that's my week. My Easter made my week and I'm sad its all over now. I'm looking forward to booking our summer holiday and now the clocks have gone back hopefully we may get some warmer temperatures and sunshine. 
Hope you've all had good weeks! 

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