Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Summary #65

So this week has been rather exciting as me and my boyfriend have finally booked our summer holiday. It's been on the back burner since New Year and I knew by Easter we had to sort something. We had planned on a week in Cornwall but certain factors mean it's not feasible this time plus with so many other things happening this year and saving for a house deposit we started looking closer to home. A work colleague of mine has a holiday home in Norfolk and after looking at the location I asked her if it would be free for our week and it is! The added benefit of mates rates means we'll get a week of sun, sea and sand at a tiny price. I've been making a list today as its self catering so we need to think more practically of things we'll need. My excitement at shopping for summer clothes is out of control, I've been looking online constantly this week and waiting for some discount codes to fly my way. It seems I am a very fussy person when it comes to bikini shopping as there are some lovely ones out there but nothing that is a must have for me. I'm hoping to get some more maxi dresses in my wardrobe and some shorts too. I'm also on a mad fruitless hunt for a floral kimono. I found a nice one on River Island but its sale and out of stock :( our holiday is the end of June and we're so looking forward to it. Its been a lovely week of weather and the sunshine makes me so happy. I'm only in work Monday and Tuesday this week although its not sunk in yet which is probably a good thing as work drags when you're so close to time off. I'm planning to spring clean my room and wardrobe and shopping with my boyfriend, with a trip to Norwich on Saturday, yay!

 We watched Ironman 1 and 2 today ready for the 3rd release later this week. I am certainly getting into all the Marvel films as my boyfriend is a massive fan and I'd never really watched them. My brother bought him a huge wall art collection of the Marvel comic covers. Its so big I've no idea where we'll keep it til we have our own home to put it up. I'm itching with anticipation for the Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. I read an article yesterday and may read the book too, I need to find some beach reads to take so that could be one of them. My boyfriend has already decided what he's taking - the new Dan Brown (out soon) and The Hobbit. I'll probably go for lighter reads and a sneaky Heat.

I've been very restrained spending wise this week in view of Norwich shopping but I went back for some more storage from WHSmiths. I'd been sorting out under my bed and realised all my scrap book and card making bits are kind of everywhere. I wanted a box to keep them all together and WHSmiths do some lovely designs.
 Storage box £6.99 BOGOF - WHSmiths
I really liked this design and its a shoe box size but deeper so lots of room.
 Cupcake photo box £4.99 BOGOF - WHSmiths
I didn't know what else to choose as it seemed silly not to get a free box. I love this design but no idea what to keep in it yet.
Cross Stitch Crazy magazine £4.99 - WHSmiths 
I have been thinking of starting to cross stitch again as I loved it a few years ago. I still have some sets to do and as I looked around at womens magazines I spotted this one and it has beach hut stitch designs inside. I LOVE beach huts and just had to get it for those. I will probably change the stitch colours to pink or a brighter blue and if they look alright might frame them for my bathroom one day. Having a flick through here once home there is so many designs to stitch its crazy value for money. This one includes an A-Z guide which would be perfect to stitch for a child for their room. I stopped buying magazines as my New Years Resolution as I was wasting so much money and never reading them but I'll get these for the designs if it takes my fancy. 

I've just placed a Superdrug order online as not had a chance to go in this week and they have bargains on. I also got some holiday bits, I can't resist minis! 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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