Friday, 5 April 2013

March Favourites

Its crazy to think we are now a quarter of a way through 2013! There's not been many new products I've loved this month. I have felt really uninspired to part with my money after February being so frugal and using products I already owned.
 Nivea Express Hydration Primer (for sensitive and dry skin) £3.99 (on offer at Superdrug)
I just had to get my hands on this after reading rave reviews. I had run out of my Maybelline primer and the L'oreal is so expensive for such a small pot in my opinion. I'd been flitting between using a Vivo primer (jelly consistency) and Avon Magix (liquid to powder) but didn't like them very much. I was horrified to open this to discover it was like a very watery moisturiser. I even checked the label that I hadn't got the wrong product. It has been true love since first use. I don't use very much as a little goes a long way and it sinks in so fast. This was a change of primer for me as my previous have filled pores and and created a layer before my foundation whereas this one leaves your skin soft and ready for make-up. The primer sinks in so fast but doesn't leave a slippery surface like other primers, but my skin is perfect for foundation. It applies so much nicer and stays on for longer. My skin seems to have really benefited from using this everyday. I have no make-up on today but my skin looks so soft, creamy and smooth, almost like I have my foundation on. This definitely does what it says on the tin and the price is brilliant as I can imagine this lasting absolutely ages!
 Corn Silk Translucent powder £8.15, Boots 
I've been lusting after this sort of powder for ages but had only seen high end brand ones costing around £20. It was on my wish list but near the bottom and if you knew how long the list is you'd see I'd probably never get there. I spotted this in Boots one evening with my friend but I decided to look up reviews before I bought it. A lot were positive besides the smell. I love this powder so much, it sets my make-up and keeps it there. I first used this on a trip to Colchester Zoo. I was outside all day, walking about, in the sunshine and wind, going into a steamy jungle room and everything else. My make-up lasted and I was really impressed. Until I use a higher end I don't know how they compare but for now this will do. As for the smell, it doesn't bother me in the slightest I quite like it in fact. Its subtle and non-offensive.
 The only thing that might bother people is the design of the powder. I'm not crazy about applying powder this way, but it goes on really well. Its just difficult to get around my eyes, as I don't want it to irritate them. You could probably shake this out into a pot to apply with a brush.
 clockwise from top: Maybelline Color 24 Hour Tattoos in On & On Bronze, Rose Gold, Eternal Gold,  Mac Paint Pots in Let's Skate, Bare Study and Chilled On Ice, middle: Mac Prep + Prime Eye
Oh what a shame I don't have another pot to make a full circle. Two of the MAC Paint Pots are from a Limited Edition collection Glitter + Ice but have reappeared on Debenhams so I got Chilled On Ice as I really liked Let's Skate. I love using all these eye products and mix it up everyday to get different looks. They're quite neutral but some have shimmer in and when partnered with another can create a smokey eye. I've been using On & On Bronze on my outer corner and one of the others (not Let's Skate or Rose Gold) on my inner corner. The Maybelline tattoos dry quickly so you can have move them quick or they set and don't budge. Paint Pots are a bit creamier and softer so you have longer to work with them.
 l-r Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoos in On & On Bronze, Rose Gold and Eternal Gold. Then MAC Paint Pots in Let's Skate, Bare Study and Chilled On Ice
As you can see the Maybelline are really pigmented and apply smoothly and consistently. The MAC are more sheer especially the Glitter + Ice collection with Let's Skate a pale pink with golden shimmer and Chilled On Ice a more golden bronze.
 TRESemmé Shampoo 
I discovered TRESemmé hair products a while ago now but had never invested in their shampoo. My Mum returned from Asda one night with some of the massive bottles as they were on offer for £2. They last for ages and you only need a little to lather up in your hair. They leave my hair lovely and shiny, and it has the signature TRESemmé scent which I love. I also think they've helped with the condition of my hair especially in this winter weather. I've been trying to track down some Platinum Strength but its been snapped up so quick.
 Neal's Yard Bee Lovely hand cream and Garnier Hand Repair 
The Neal's Yard was free with a magazine and smells insane. I didn't want to use it for ages as I'm not a fan of honey after eating it every day for six months one year to cope with my hayfever (read my hayfever post here) but my boyfriend used it and it smelt divine. It must be the orange essential oil in this that I love. I would definitely get a full size of this as I really like it. The Garnier hand cream is so good for people with really dry hands. If I put it on before bed I won't need to re-moisturise my hands until midday or beyond the next day. I found this in Asda and its been sold out ever since so I hope I can find another bottle somewhere.
Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara 
I got this free in a big box one year and I've enjoyed using it. When I first opened it it really coated my eyelashes, thickly but not clumpy which was perfect. Its only lasted me a month but I think its full size so I'm not sure if you don't get much product or its dried out. Usually mascaras last me much longer. Its also really black too so a great mascara just not long lasting usage wise.

That's all my March favourites. I'm still trawling through all my Soap and Glory bath products so they're lasting me ages!

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