Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Summary #71

Another week gone, another week closer to an amazing summer of plans. The weather has finally decided to sort itself out this week and we've had sunshine and blue skies, some mornings have still been chilly and some days I've worn a mac to work. It's so hard to predict what the weather will be doing on my way home 10 hours later in the day. My boyfriend has been so ill this week with a virus so I didn't see him until Friday for a coffee and little shop and then the cinema last night. It feels so weird, like we are dating but its nice in a way, its been an exciting weekend haha. I've got a sore throat today and felt so sick this morning but I'm hoping its just an off day. My boyfriend took me to see The Great Gatsby last night which I was so excited for even though I saw it last week. Its so perfect, I can't wait to watch it again when its released on DVD. I spent today with my Mum and we made an early morning trip to the tip which was pretty exciting haha, its so cool the council has made it so easy to recycle everything imaginable. I hate waste and am a hard core recycler with everything from a cash receipt to a toilet roll going into my blue bin. I had a Matalan return and my Mum found so many clothes to buy but I only got two tops and some clothes for my boyfriend. We went to the Range where we spent a fortune and then to Tescos as I wanted to start on my self catering holiday bits.

I have made lots of online purchases this week that should turn up in the next few days. I finally became a Fragrance Direct customer - excited for it to arrive! I got my new Nintendo 3DS XL and adore it. There is something about Nintendo that is so perfect for me and I am loving my new purchase even though I've barely had any time to play on it yet! I love playing games on my iPhone but when you lose signal it can cut you off and I have debated an iPad purchase for years, years I tell you! There is still a part of me that would like one but for now my DS will do. I'm hoping my boyfriend gets one as Mario Kart is hilarious when you are competing against someone. Me and my brothers had many a battle when we were younger.
 Ted Baker LE Seahorse wash bag £12.50 - Boots
I adore Ted Baker designs and I knew my Mum would love this so I originally bought it for her but they have different sizes so she went in to look herself and came back with the make up bag and a bigger wash bag with handles. They're all lovely and not very expensive. My Mum used a manned till to pay and the cashier said they'd been flying out so get down there quick. I can't decide whether to keep this or get the bow design I've been lusting after for months?
 Nintendo 3DS XL White LE £194 - Amazon 
I bought this with my trade-in gift card but I wanted the LE Pikachu but it has sold out everywhere. I do love this one though as its a matte white and will show finger marks much less and the screens are huge! Mario Kart 7 came already installed and the creators have added so many extra things I never thought would be missing but make the game so much more fun. My friend is a huge Professor Layton fan and has been telling me for years to get on it so that'll be an adventure soon.
 Aviator £3.99, Willy Wonka (original) £4.99 - WHSmith, Silver Linings Playbook £7 - Sainsburys 
I am in a "must-see every Leonardo DiCaprio film" mood so hoping this one is good. I have been searching for ages to find the original Willy Wonka film and finally found it cheap in WHSmiths! I have been itching to add Silver Linings to my DVD collection since it was released and I found it for just £7 on Sainsburys, their prices are really competitive and they're becoming my go-to entertainment website.
 Heart and Spots boyfriend tees £4 - Primark 
I quite liked these for something different but the sizing is so weird as they're boyfriend tees they are straight cut which makes it a nightmare for boobs! I got a size 12 which should be enough room but they'll look cute with skinny jeans and Converse so slightly baggy might work.
 Pokemon HeartGold, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Sims 3 Barnacle Bay - Game and HMV 
My boyfriend has been searching for the Wii game for a while so he was chuffed to find it relatively cheaply and I had a brave moment and went for a Pokemon game...I don't know if I can play it! I did as a child ha. I am the biggest Sims fan and couldn't resist the pirate theme of this pack so had to get it. One of my New Years resolutions was to make more me time and play games and chill.
 Candy striped beach bag £6 - Matalan 
I have been looking for a beach bag for months and haven't found a single one I remotely like. I thought this was so cute and summery I just went for it. Its quite roomy and will do the job nicely.
 Orange bird print vest £10 - Matalan 
I love bird prints and loved this as soon as my Mum pointed it out to me. I can't wait to wear it with blue jeans.
 Matalan jewellery 
The jewellery was buy one get one free so I got these bits. I love the flower ring its so unique and eye catching. I am always in stud earrings these days and a new set can never hurt the collection. I thought the gold ring was unusual and would be a nice accessory to a maxi dress to keep things simple.
 Union Jack notice board - The Range 
I've got a really old cork board from my childhood so thought an updated board would be nice. I'm not sure if I want to use pins on here incase it leaves big holes, otherwise all my bits should sit under the ribbons.
 The Beach rope letters, Beach Hut photo frame - The Range 
I noticed the letters over an archway in the aisle and had to have them, hopefully I can recreate the look on a wall in the future. The Beach Hut photo frame was too cute to leave, I need a holiday picture to put in it now :)
 Paris trunk - The Range 
Ah how sweet is this trunk? I saw a girly pink floral one in TK Maxx a few weeks back but resisted as it was so pink but this should fit into my own home one day and is so vintage and kitsch. I don't know what I'm going to keep in here yet though!
 Live, Laugh, Love letter tray - The Range 
I have also been looking for a letter tray as I put things in safe places that are so safe I then can't find them! I'm hoping having this will mean all important letters, to-dos and deadlines go in here to be dealt with and not having a stressful hunt for it or forgetting it entirely!
 Card making and scrap book bits - The Range 
I love making scrapbooks and cards for my family and friends so I love any opportunity to get my hands on new bits and the Range has such a selection it takes me absolutely ages to look at everything and decide what I need.
 When I spotted this beach hut seaside selection I must have looked mad grabbing every item I could. These will be perfect for holiday sections of my scrapbooks.
 Alice In Wonderland pjs £11 - Tescos 
I have a thing for pjs, especially Disney themed ones, I just have to buy it even if I already have too many pjs!
Bronze ring, Daisy earrings F&F - Tescos 
I love daisies so the earrings were a find as I only have gold and silver daisy earrings and a pair with white petals. I loved the bow ring and although they had silver it looked nicer in the bronze.

So that's my week, a rather quiet one as I've been tired again this week and busy with errands and chores. I've been attempting five a day fruit and veg and when I have more I feel less tired. I am still composing my eat clean blog post and will have it up before my holiday.
Hope you've all had good weeks

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