Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Summary #72

Despite not much happening this week I have been a busy bee with holiday preparation and constant list making of what we need to take, birthday planning madness and doing the 30 Day Shred. It is now less than two weeks til me and my boyfriend go away and while I am excited, primarily I am trying to get together everything we need. As its self catering we need to pack everything from washing up liquid to bubble bath. We are now driving up and the car is going to be pretty rammed! The weather has been beautiful this week and we bought all barbeque stuff anticipating a hot weekend and its been cloudy and chilly - boo! Eating inside was the answer and we occupied our evening with the Britains Got Talent final. It was a great show considering I am not much of fan usually and the egg moment was so utterly random. I'm pleased Attraction won as they have worked so hard although I though the majority of finalists were worthy. 

I've been obsessive about getting birthday gifts sorted this week as its my boyfriends Mum's 60th the Saturday before we go on holiday and then its his nephew's 1st and niece's 3rd birthdays at the start of July. One of our presents to his nephew is for when he starts nursery which is before he is 1 so we've ordered the present and will probably take it to his Mum's meal and then give him the rest of his presents on his birthday. Our friends little boy will also be 1 a few days before his nephew so we've had lots of cards and presents to find. WHSmith were running a 3 for 2 on virtually everything in store so we made the most of it, getting DVDS (Gangster Squad for me and Django for him) along with books for his niece and lots of baby toys for the 1 year olds. I also got my boyfriend to choose all birthday cards as they were included too. It seemed silly not to make the most of the deal. It was so hot we popped into Costa too and they were running their BOGOF cooler deal so it was a bargain filled shopping day! 

I am still on level one of the shred but seeing such a difference in a crazy short amount of time. I don't get time to do it everyday so when I do I push myself. I have always had toned legs but you can see a difference in them too which is surprising. I've never done level two as I haven't done it for a prolonged length of time but I must just do it this time and see how much more I can improve my body. 

My hayfever has been unbearable this week - the heat just makes it so much worse. We slept with the window open on Wednesday night and I woke with the worst pain in my nose and couldn't stop sneezing and my nose just kept running uncontrollably. In desperation I went to Boots on my lunch hour and bought nasal spray and throat syrup. They did work but on Friday my eyes were streaming (ruining my make up!) and my nose was still running although the pain had stopped. I'm on the hunt for local honey as its worked previous years as much as its made me hate honey I know it will help. 
 Disclosure Settle - Sainsburys 
I can't remember how much I paid but it was the cheapest pre-order and the deluxe edition. I've been waiting incredibly impatiently for it to be delivered as I adore Disclosure and its so nice to see them suddenly become popular. The album is amazing and so perfect. They've even hit Number 1 which is huge for a genre of music which has struggled to get noticed in recent years. My favourites include What's In Your Head, Help Me Lose My Mind, Confess To Me and When A Fire Starts To Burn. My favourite track they've released is probably You & Me.
 Rimmel items -
I finally took the plunge and ordered from here as I'd been a little skeptical but seeing so many positive blog posts appear and they had items I wanted swayed me. The items were pretty cheap for Rimmel but they came packaged very cheaply considering one item was a glass bottle I would have thought they'd put more care into it. The Scandal Eyes mascara was half in a shrink wrap package that had been ripped off and it just looked slung in. The invoice looked unprofessional and dodgy but these are only little nitpicks. I think they could work on some areas to improve customer service.
 Long necklace £3 - Primark 
I simply got this for the opal looking beads. I love opals and couldn't leave this. I love long necklaces and have such a collection I hardly know what I have but this will be a nice addition.
 Multi ring pack £2 - Primark 
I love dainty rings and this was an instant must have purchase the second I spotted them. There are two rings with dangling charms of a cross and hamsa hand, while the others are a star, evil eye, buddha face and triangle.
 Multi ring pack £2 - Primark 
I only bought this pack for the rings at the top that have dangling charms of a boat wheel, anchor and swallow. I think the bottoms ones look chea especially the blue band, the flat hear and single stone. They might look ok stacked so I'm undecided but they were so inexpensive it doesn't matter.
 Sheer butterfly sweater £10 - Primark 
There was only a handful of these left and no wonder they're so pretty! I sized up as I like this kind of thing loose plus being sheer it'll be floaty. I haven't tried it on yet but I'm hoping it looks cute with denim.
 Paisley denim ankle grazers £13 - Primark 
I'm not sure what I liked about these in Primark as I'm not sure now they're home. They look really big but I grabbed them so hopefully it's just the way they are meant to be.
 Butterfly sandals £10 - Primark 
These are my favourite because not only do they have butterflies on but they strap up round the slimmest part of your ankle which means they don't cut you off and make your legs look chunky ( I steer clear of this like the plague!) They look so cute on and will be so flattering because of the colour. Bring on the sun!
Food containers and water bottle - Sainsburys 
Part of healthy eating demands you have plenty of food containers and cute ones at that! I first spotted the pink ones as I've noticed a new brand called Sistema in several supermarkets now. This was the first water bottle I'd seen that I liked, would hold a lot of water and not leak. I've never found a bottle that doesn't leak! This one twists up and down so I should be leak free. My boyfriend also pointed out how big it was it'll make it easier to drink more as I'm usually good but at work I measure my drinking by how many bottles I get through a day, so with this I can aim to finish this everyday and it'll be enough. The two part container is for my salad as I've noticed certain items go soggy quickly (iceberg lettuce) and some leave a lot of water in the bottom (cucumber, tuna). By separating them it should help as I'm not fussy about items getting mixed together. I got the cute little ladybird and frog container because I couldn't resist and they'll work for fruit.  

I've had such a chilled Sunday with my boyfriend and we got the Wii out as he bought a new game a few weeks back and then we had our usual Mario Kart tournament. I think every home should have a Wii as they are such fun! I haven't got a May Favourites post as I have only one new product to rave about! I'm going to do a double one with June, we're nearly halfway through June which is quite frightening really, this year is just speeding by. 

Hope you've all had good weeks 

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