Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Summary #29

Another week down, and now I'm in the home run to a weekend away with my boy. Just four days of work left, yay! Currently watching the closing ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics. So sad it is all over now, really enjoyed watching all the events over the past fortnight or so. Its been amazing to see my favourite events (aquatics, cycling and boxing) do so well. Very proud of Team GB and all they have achieved. It's made me even more proud to be British and the legacy of this will go on for years to come.
I haven't done much this week except tidy my room, house chores and working of course. Started packing my suitcase already as I know I won't have time this week until Friday when I will have a million other things to do before I leave. I haven't shopped this week except a couple of things in Claire's Accessories on Friday and some holiday snacks. I've become increasingly frugal in recent weeks but also there isn't much clothing in shops right now as its between seasons and the autumn stuff that has appeared I can't bring myself to buy yet. I want to hold on until its more autumny weather. The weather has been beautiful this past week and like an idiot I actually burnt myself on Friday. I sat in the garden for twenty minutes talking to my brother, and caught my shoulder, back and arm. Felt so good when I got my boyfriend to rub after sun in, heavenly, I didn't want him to stop. Literally so excited to be going away with him.
 London 2012 Memorabilia 
Claire's Accessories 
 Fimo nail art 
Anklet and long pendant with heart filled with roses
Owl necklace and roses pendant
Packing my suitcase! 
 George Swallow scarf

 Giant pancakes!
My bf got me love hearts, like our first date :)
Flash :)
I absolutely love Claire's Accessories at the moment. I always find something when I go in. I have been finding Topshop, River Island and Dorothy Perkins very boring of late. Accessorize always have something I like in stock but I haven't found anything in ages. Flash is my boyfriend's cat and he caught a mouse last night. I jumped onto the worktop while my boyfriend sorted it haha. Poor little mouse was no doubt more petrified of me, my boyfriend and Flash. Thursday night I had some strange happenings in my bedroom. My friend Marie went to see a psychic and she is very sceptical about them but text me saying she had received a message from her Nan. For her to say that, means whatever was said was so true and unmistakeable. I've been through quite a traumatic turn of events this year and had another rough ride in the past month. I was thinking how amazing it must feel to receive a message from the grave and what would my Grandad have to say if he was given the chance. I carried on tidying my room and sat across the room away from Togepi. Somehow she rolled forwards across the candle and over the keyring, down my speaker and chest of drawers and onto the floor. As I set her back in place I began to think how was it possible, there was no wind and surely she'd go backwards. I then noticed the Eiffel Tower necklace behind her was swinging quite violently, not a breeze swinging but a full on knocked or flicked swinging. I watched it for ages and it didn't slow down for ages. Oddly the necklace further away from her wasn't moving at all, surely a breeze would reach both. I text Marie and she pointed out how traumatic things had been and it could be my Grandad letting me know he was there, watching over the family. She said they never hurt you, just give little signs. I am a believer of the other world, not so much ghosts but more presences. It really upset me that it could be him, watching over me, letting me know everything will be ok. Then as I was falling asleep I have three fairy lights trails and a pink plastic bead string wrapped around my bed head frame. They moved quite strongly in the place where the necklace is. I tested it in the morning and it only moved and made so much noise if I really pushed it. My boyfriend isn't so sure, but I am pretty certain it was someone who isn't living anymore. 
That was the excitement for the week! 
I will very unlikely be posting my Sunday Summary next weekend as I will be away and it will probably be like this one with not much to show or say. I had a great Sunday today as my boy cooked brunch for me and his parents. He is a magnificent cook. Then we headed to my auntie and uncles for a family bbq. Lots of laughter and photos, plus beautiful weather! Just seen the Spice Girls perform which was amazing. I never ever thought they would all be together again, they all look amazing and I LOVED Emma's shoes! 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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