Tuesday, 7 August 2012

National Anthem

Two reasons for the name of this post. Firstly because the British National Anthem has been played quite a lot in recent days with our haul of gold medals at the London 2012 Olympics. Secondly I LOVE Lana Del Ray's track of the same name. I love it so much its made me highly curious about Jackie O and JF Kennedy as her music video is about their marriage. So amazing.
Anyway this week's nails look like this: 
 I haven't had time over a hectic last few weeks to do anything except paint my nails all the same colour. This week I decided to go for multi colour nails with a crackle. I wanted something bright and summery so went for this. I love the results!
I used: Barry M 290 Spring Green, 305 Flamingo Pink, 294 Cyan Blue and 321 Gold Glitter Nail Effects
Just over a week until I go away for a weekend with my boy. Words can't describe how excited I am. I started writing lists today of what to pack, what I still need to buy and all the bits I need to get into order before I leave. I can't believe the Olympics finishes this weekend, it'll be so weird not seeing stuff about it online, facebook, twitter, tv and hearing about it on the radio. Its amazing the talent we have for this country and I am so proud of Team GB for all the medals and performances they've shown us. 

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