Friday, 8 July 2011

No Heat Hair

In early may I really wanted to dye my hair as my previous colour had gone out. My mum said maybe I should wait and work on getting rid of the dryness in my hair. It was mainly the ends and was probably due to me straightening my hair every single day. I decided to stop blow drying my hair and straightening it and dig out some products to help the dryness.

It wasn’t difficult at all to cut out blow drying my hair. With the warmer weather my hair could easily dry naturally while I did my make up rather than stay in the towel before blasting it dry twenty minutes later. I did cheat a couple of times in late may as my hair hadn’t dried enough for me to leave for work. I’m also attempting to grow my hair so as it gets thicker and longer its taking slightly longer to dry but I’ve found if I ruffle it every so often it speeds along the drying.

I have definitely missed straightening my hair. I love doing it and love how much nicer it looks straight. My hair is pretty straight anyway and friends still thought I’d straightened it when I hadn’t! In the summer I love using sea salt spray products and surf hair products so I wouldn’t usually straighten my hair in the summer anyway. I gave myself a platform to fall as I purchased new straighteners the same week I quit heat on my hair. I haven’t even tested them out yet!

In mid june I saw youtube videos and blog posts talking about “4 week no heat” and I realised others had been doing the same thing as me. I’ve now not used heat on my hair for two whole months! My hair definitely looks and feels healthier for it and seems to have grown a considerable amount too. I actually had a male friend tell me off for straightening my hair one day (he was lounging about as I got ready to go out) as I’d been moaning to him that I wanted longer hair and he said it was killing my hair to straighten it and it wouldn’t grow. So men really do make sense, sometimes!

There isn’t a more perfect time than now to avoid heat on your hair. The warm weather means your hair can dry naturally and if you’re going for curls, waves or bed head hair there are products out there that can do this for you with just your fingers! I’m going to extend my no heat hair for as long as I possibly can. I’m off to London next week and although I initially checked if the hotel room has a hair dryer (it does) I want to avoid using it, except if I need some help drying mac fix +! Probably not a good idea but I can't stand the feeling of my face being wet! 

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