Monday, 11 July 2011

Sale Appeal

So it's that time of year where everywhere has sales on. I always find sales a bit hit and miss. Either you find loads of stuff you want or very little. I've been cutting back my spending of late and I'm going to London on thursday for a long weekend, of mostly shopping :)

I really wanted to have a look around and see what I could find but I chose only to visit my favourite shops. Here is some of what I found:

New Look: I originally wanted this top with the butterfly print (below) but the day I saw it I decided not to spend money! 
I went back just a few days later and it had disappeared. The sales assistant didn't even seem to know what top I was on about. I saw so many girls in my town wearing this I couldn't believe she didn't know it! Anyway when I saw the blossom design was in the sale it was too pretty to leave. £13 down from £21.99
New Look: I have a penchant for rings, or anything sparkly. Both of these fit the bill :) I prefer medium on my fingers as I prefer my rings looser rather than tighter. I love the turquoise flower, and the rose bunch has sparkly gems in between. 
River Island: I didn't buy much as my store was packed and messy and I didn't have the patience to look properly. The green with hearts is a snood, enough said. The pink is a silky scarf with gold chains. Both £5 from £12.99. The hairbow I couldn't resist, I have so many but this was £1.
Accessorize: They didn't have as much as I expected. I usually spend so much in there, sale or no sale. I got some keyrings and a boat necklace with a storm cloud and lightning bolt. 
Accessorize: Pretty obsessed with anything with London or the Union Jack on. The bag was £10 from £16, not half price but good enough. I love these little shoppers for when my handbag is on my elbow. The navy purse is a London scene, very similar to the shopper and a beach postcard purse as I LOVE the beach and all things beachy. 
Asda: Not somewhere I usually buy jewellery from but when I went food shopping I couldn't resist. The owls were full price at £1.50 but everything else was half price, so cheap! Love the butterfly cascade earrings, I always want something bigger in my ears for nights out when I'm wearing something that I can't wear a necklace with. The apple necklace is very similar to an accessorize one I wanted I didn't buy as it was just red. The asda one has green paint on the stalk so I preferred it. 

I'm really pleased with my finds and also how little I spent. I popped into Office after work today: big mistake. I may have to make a trip back tomorrow! I only didn't spend as I have been leaving my purse at home, haha. 

I bought several pieces of clothing from New Look, all of which need to be returned but you can only get an exchange on sale items :-/ we'll see how that goes. I usually try on in the changing room especially sale items but I was in a rush and I knew if I did return anything it wouldn't be much. 

Let me know your bargains :) x

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