Monday, 11 July 2011

London Town

I'm so excited to be off to London in two days time. I haven't been for a while and have saved a big wedge to spend :) having a nightmare deciding what to pack as I am travelling very light. I used to be absolutely awful when I went away on holiday I would take so much more than I would ever need! I've managed to perfect packing lightly in the last few years, especially with nights away for gigs and staying at friends/boyfriends. Often I go straight from work and it's a nightmare trying to carry my work stuff and an overnight bag, and trying to negotiate public transport. 

Not only do I need to pack light for London to ease getting around with my trolley suitcase but I need space for my purchases! Ideally I wanted to have packed last week when I was on holiday from work but without the weather forecast for London I had no idea what to pack as I am only taking one outfit per day with something for the night. Looks like I'll be packing last minute on wednesday night as we leave first thing thursday. 

I'm hoping to visit the following places:

MAC - Can you believe I do not have a stockist in my county!!! It drives me absolutely crazy as you can't always judge a colour by the online picture! I have a list (that is currently missing...) and really hope I find what I'm after. I've also been foolish as I resisted the urge to buy anything from the recent collections mainly as I knew I'd be in London soon after. I didn't even look. Turns out I love Ever Hip from the Fashionflower collection. I don't hold out much hope I will find one as its sold out everywhere, no surprise as its gorgeous!

Lush - Again I do not have one in my county!!! Apparently rates are too high. Luckily my friends or family will always get me something if they are near a store and I buy bags full when I find myself in one :) I've had a voucher since Christmas, very happy I'll finally get to use it. 

M&M World - I'm not too sure what to expect from here but I'm hoping for some pink peanut M&Ms :) 

Camden Market - Very excited to go here. Need I say more.

Oxford St - Love this street! I read somewhere its thought to be the busiest street in Europe! That's some feat! Thursday night is late night shopping too :D not looking forward to a visit to Primark but feel I have to do it as my Primark is always months behind other Primarks in the country :-s can't wait for selfridges :) and there is a four floor Boots! Can't wait to see what I find!

Regent St - Hamleys, wish I'd gone here more as a child but then probably would have wanted everything. Toys r us was big enough when I was little. Ferrari and Lush. That's all I can remember. 

Covent Garden - Lots to find here, and like a tourist no doubt I'll stop to watch some street entertainment. 

I love the London Eye all lit up at night, last time we could see it from our hotel :) I've also been told there is a beach hut exhibition which I'm excited about. I love beach huts, my parents got me a canvas with them on last year for my birthday. It's all pastels which fits in my room as its sky blue and violet (with hot pink duvet covers, can't resist pink) 

My head is so filled with work, London, packing, and all the prep before I leave I feel like I can't think. I will no doubt blog about my adventures :) x

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