Friday, 8 July 2011

AW11 Primark Preview

Primark haven't always got the best press whether it's design infringement or how/where/who makes their products. If you take a trip to their website they have a whole section devoted to their ethical trading. Like others who may have seen the BBC Panorama I was extremely shocked to see that children were making the products. I was put off shopping there as I couldn't believe in this day and age it was still happening. I had been under the impression it had been clamped down on and eradicated. It has finally emerged after an investigation that the footage was fabricated and faked. I felt bad for Primark that they had been portrayed in such a way that wasn't true. It seems they really do look after the workers who make their products. 

Reading through the ethical trading on their website has reassured me and my local store has an entire window with awards for ethical trading and the like. I've noticed prices have gone up slightly lately but I hope this is down to better wages for the manufacturers. Primark is still the cheapest place on the high street and they've really upped their game in keeping up with trends. I'm used to seeing items in topshop, walking down the street and seeing the exact same dress in h&m for £30 less. But now primark and topshop sell exactly the same top. I cannot find a picture anywhere and I don't own one. They are £1o in topshop and £8 in primark. They both do lots of colours, it has a little pocket on the left breast, they have a folded back short sleeve and are loose in the body with quite a wide neckline. Hopefully you will know the tops I'm on about! 

When I first saw these items I thought wow it's not what I expect from primark. To me they seem more topshop likely. I first saw these items about 8 hours ago and I cannot stop thinking about them!   

£17 This dress is gorgeous! Reminds me of the peter pan dress by topshop. I will be making special trips to my store to see if I can make this an addition to my wardrobe. 
Anybody who knows me will know that electric blue is one of my absolute favourites colours! I've already got a patent electric blue pair but I still NEED this pair! At £12 they are a steal and I am hoping I manage to get a pair. 
£12 I'm drawn to this cardi for some reason. I love the clash of mustard and navy, I'm a sucker for navy anyway. Can't beat a sweet cardigan to make an outfit when you need a little something to keep you warm.
Kingfisher blue! £17 (can you see a love for blue yet?) Love this colour. Love the way the sleeves are looser on the arms and tighter on the wrist. I own some cardigans like this and I adore the way they look. 
£10! £10! I want this blouse so so so much! I love stars and navy so really I couldn't not own this! This will look so cute with skinny jeans (I virtually live in skinnies) really hope I will get one.
£15 for this beaut! Again I'm really drawn to the mustard colour. Love the collar, love the sleeves, love the tie, love it all basically. 
I have such a love for snoods. It started off two christmas' ago when I just couldn't find one anywhere. My friend Amy informed me h&m had one...but her boyfriend kept going on about it was hideous and I shouldn't even go and look at it let alone buy it. Anyway he was so insistent I didn't go...there I am on christmas day opening my present from Amy which was THE snood! It turned out I couldn't go and look at it because I'd buy it when it had already been got for me :) there is a photo of my happy beaming face sans make up face with the snood wrapped around my head as my dad and brothers wanted to know what it was. I don't wear my snoods over my head, I just wrap twice around my neck. Although I hate brown (I own one brown item, which I never wear) so unless primark do this in a different colour I probably won't buy. For £6 though I don't know! I have several snoods now and I will never go back to scarfs because a snood is the warmest thing ever :) 

So that's my favourite picks and I'm hoping to get my hands on all of them although I'll be happy with a couple. Let me know what you are after :) x

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  1. ohhh the mustard dress with the peter pan collar! I saw that in my local store last weekend and almost bought it! I hope there's one left for when I can get it lol

    and yes I've noticed that Primark clothes are becoming better quality!


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