Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Summary #68

Its crazy we are nearly halfway through May, my summer holiday is in six weeks! I've embarked on a diet - my first ever! I am hoping to tone up for the beach just so I feel proud of my body. I wouldn't say I dislike it but I would like to be more defined, I'm quite straight except the curve of my boobs and bum, I'd love a waist like Lucy Meck! I am thinking of posting about how I've changed my diet as its made such a difference in just two weeks and I am still treating myself to the odd chocolate bar or Subway. My boyfriend has been away to Brighton this week and on his return last night he said how I'd lost weight which was so uplifting as I felt fatter - where's the logic! Whenever I eat better or exercise more I feel fatter when my boyfriend always says the opposite. I hadn't even mentioned anything to him he hugged me hello and said it and again when he was cuddling me later. So I'm continuing and hoping I'll have enough energy/not be so tired from work to start the 30 Day Shred as I dropped so much weight when I did it before and during that time I ate normally (McDonalds and Dominoes included).

I've had another clearout in my room this week and reorganised my dressing table. I did attempt to find some jewellery for charity but failed. I actually can't remember too much about the past week, I don't think I did anything exciting as I've been working longer hours and watching Hollyoaks on my return home and then the next days episode on E4 and then because I was so shocked at the Texas wedding death I watched all episodes twice haha. I think Hollyoaks really excel at their big storyline events and I had said to my boyfriend who I thought it was, I won't say on here but I was right! I never usually guess things ahead! I was really missing my boyfriend as we aren't apart longer than a weekend and I was so pleased to be back with him. I remember reading years back as a teenager how to keep things fresh in a relationship but after 18 months we are still very much in the "honeymoon" period which I really enjoy. He was feeling slightly tender so we just had cuddles in bed watching The Voice. Its only this year I've really got into it and watched further than the blind auditions. I think its pretty harsh the way they sing together to then be put against each other and then if the loser isn't saved, so cruel. We missed Britains Got Talent completely which is usually good entertainment. The Apprentice started this week too and is so good to watch. The only thing that annoys me is how they really snipe at each other and will do everything in their power to get someone else fired. I definitely have too much of a conscience to be such a bitch to someone.

Today was my boyfriends Grandads 80th birthday party and we went off to the seaside which was amazing as I adore the seaside. We arrived early enough to have a little wander along the seafront before arriving at the venue. We had a three course sit down meal that was simply amazing. The food was exquisite and I love my boyfriends family so much. He has two nieces and two nephews and they are all delightful. It was a lot of fun encouraging the children to eat and then playing games with them while they waited patiently for their ice cream sundaes. My starter was a salad with chicken and bacon and it had avocado in which I've never tried before but I couldn't pick it out and leave it as I felt rude so I ate it and really liked it. I guess its like another texture to a salad. My main was especially requested for me which was salmon and they asked me when I arrived if I'd like a sauce but I find salmon so flavourful anyway I was fine to have it plain. My dessert was tarte tatin which I managed to sneak a photo of - one of the best meals I've ever had. 

I haven't shopped much this week as I've been having such an expensive month due to little things happening when I wanted to be frugal that I held myself back. I guess you never know whats round the corner and unexpected expenses popped up but thats life. 
 Scalloped ribbons £2.99, Bunting triangles £1.99 - WHSmith
I just can't help myself. I think its so easy to wonder in here and find items because they sell so many different things. I wanted these last month but was good and resisted even though I knew I would be back!
 Chapter II Benga - Amazon
I have had this album on pre-order for close to a year. I don't know why it kept being pushed back but the original release date was the start of October last year and I'd completely forgotten about it until I received the email it had been dispatched this week. I'm yet to load it onto my iPod as I have a current obsession with Iggy Azalea and The Great Gatsby soundtrack.
 2 for £10 - WHSmith
I never watched the Richard and Judy book club on TV as it was always during my work hours but for some reason everyone raves about their book choices to this day. I haven't bought one for a while as nothing had caught my eye enough but these two both look amazing. The Tigers in Red Leather is about two cousins that spend their summers at the Tiger House as they grow up and then take their families there but perfection doesn't last. It starts in 1945 which was an even bigger appeal to me. The Light Between Oceans is about a dead man and a crying baby washing up in a boat onto a remote lighthouse keepers island and the decision the couple that live there make. I think I only got this because of the lighthouse but I'm hoping its good. I will probably save the Tigers one for a holiday read as it looks perfect for the beach! Plus the 2 for £10 deal is pretty incredible compared to the supermarkets, maybe they are having to be more competitive to survive.
 Now I may be on a diet  but I still allow myself the odd treat. I don't know anyone else that likes the popcorn in dairy milk but I love it. I'm yet to try the marvellous creations but I've heard good things and they look Wonka inspired.
 Rings £1.50 each - Primark 
I can't resist a sparkly ring and these two were glinting away yesterday so I just had to indulge my inner magpie. I have become more of a dainty ring girl than a big cocktail ring but I loved the almost Swarvoski look to the big one.
 Moustache black ballets £8 - Primark 
I don't own a single pair of black shoes so I decided it was time I got some. I really like the little moustaches on these and they look so cute with skinny jeans which is how I wore them last night.
 I have decided to make a bigger effort to include life photos from my week as I always used to because I'd upload them to Facebook but as a rare Facebooker I stopped. This is my boyfriends cat Flash who was being a baby now his owner was home!
 An example of my lunch at work. This was quite naughty for me as I had some pasta spirals, a yoghurt and some Sunbites in there too. Usually it is just a salad and tuna on the odd day.
 Flash was so happy when we got back from the party and changed into something a little more comfortable for a chat and chill out.
 We were early for our connection to the party so obviously it meant a Costa! My boyfriend got the Tropical cooler which is really nice if you like virgin Pina Coladas! I went for a Peach Lemonade which is DIVINE! His parents went for coffee but I don't drink coffee and hot drinks make me feel like I need a wee so I avoid them as much as a hot chocolate would have been nice.
Beach views and of course the beach huts I covet
So that's my week its been quiet but such a lovely weekend has made my week. I also forgot to mention last night I was putting a nail polish away and dropped it. Now whats the problem here you might think except the bottle decided to bounce off a glass bowl, break the neck of the bottle and proceed to spray nail polish EVERYWHERE! It got loads of my hair items, my wardrobe door runner and my carpet. Its not very much fun scrubbing nail polish out of a thick carpet. Acting fast seems to have eliminated most of the damage. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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