Wednesday, 15 May 2013

April Favourites

I'm finally getting round to this post well into the middle of May, I always think every month I'll get it up in the last few days of the month or the first week at least but then life happens and it gets left til tomorrow. I haven't got too many favourites this month, I've been so busy running the house and being nurse its left very little opportunity to indulge. I hardly need any new products as I'm bursting with stuff to use!
Ultrabland £6.75 - Lush 
I was having a nightmare with my skin recently being incredibly sensitive particularly my eyes when removing make-up. I was bordering desperation to find something to soothe my skin and eyes. I'd already changed all make-up products incase it was any of them and it was still happening. I was in Cambridge with my boyfriend and although I have a Lush in town now I hadn't been done recently. We dashed in just as they were closing and a girl asked if I needed help so I explained the situation and she suggested Ultrabland or the 9-5 Cleanser. I was torn between the two and she said Ultrabland had cleared up her acne over the course of a year and her skin had never been better. A friend uses this religiously so I thought I'd try this first. Its a beeswax and oil formula so smells like honey to me (if you have read my hayfever story you will know I virtually cannot stand honey anymore) but I was brave and took the plunge. It felt super weird to be smoothing this into my made up face and rubbing it in (effectively melting the make-up off with the oily product and the warmth) but I persevered and then wiped it off with a wet cotton pad. Its hard to put into words how amazing this product makes your skin feel and look. My skin was brighter, softer, subtler everything you want your skin to be. Its made putting make up the next morning easier as your skin is so much more easier to work with. I love this so much it has seriously made me consider dropping all my usual Garnier/Body Shop/Clean and Clear/Simple products in favour of fresh, good products from the likes of Lush.  
 Ted Baker Origami body spray £5 - Boots
I got this at Christmas and thought I'd end up leaving it in the work locker room as I didn't like the smell. I used it for the first time before I was going out and my gosh I couldn't stop smelling myself! Its the most intoxicating scent I've discovered in a long time. Its described as "a blend of juicy raspberry, a touch of vanilla and delicate rose and sandalwood" I'm not sure which addition it is but it has a spicy, almost cinnamon type smell to it and as a massive fan of musky scents this is right up my street. I can't believe I haven't discovered this sooner as I really love wearing it! I wish they did a perfume as I would buy it in a second.
Nivea deodorant £3.29 (on offer in Boots for £1.64)
Its taken me a good few years to find a deodorant that I get on with. I remember being a teenager and certain deodorants stinging my underarms literally for the whole day but I couldn't not use it for the fear of smelling. I switched to roll ons as they helped reduce irritation and sting - it became a nightmare to shave as my arms always had red irritated spots. My skin calmed down with roll ons whether it was a sensitive one or they improved formulas. I began working in Debenhams as a Visual Merchandiser and decided to try spray deodorants again as they're stronger and I wanted to have protection. For a few years I only wore spray deodorant during the summer and then roll ons in winter. I bought Nivea on offer when I need an anti white on black one for a party and I had a black dress and this is back when deodorants never dried and smeared every clothing item no matter how much powder you put on or how carefully you pulled the item on. I was amazed at how good it was from no white marks to the protection it gave me and the smell - not the awful alcohol/chemical smell I was used. I also think certain deodorants smell like sweat! To me anyway. The Nivea ones are all nicely scented and I've never had any problems using them. Its become one of my most trusted everyday toiletry and I wouldn't dream of changing it. I always get them in bulk on offer in Boots as I never pay full price for everyday items because they are always on offer, somewhere, at some time. My favourite is probably the pearl and beauty one (pink) or the double effect one (purple) the smell stays all day.
Lynx shower gel £2.99 (also always on offer for 99p/£1 somewhere! Currently Superdrug)
Yes I am a girl and yes I love shower gel targeted at men but hear me out. The Fever one pictured here is "Brazilian Hot Mud and Red Dragonfruit" it is the most incredible feeling in the shower, its feel warms like cinnamon and has tiny exfoliating beads in and the smell is just insane! I was hoping to get some today in Superdrug as they are 99p but they were completely sold out of all of them! The new Apollo one is nice and I love Excite. I can't find it but I just used up with the Lynx Thai Massage with Tigergrass Oil and Bali Sea Salt, its like a cooler version of Fever and also has exfoliating beads in it. They don't have an overly man scent which makes it much better when its the first one to hand in the shower with three brothers and a boyfriend!

So that's my favourites, not too many but as you can see some items that I really do love and would highly recommend.

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