Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunday Summary #67

I do love a bank holiday, we should have more in my opinion. I have thoroughly enjoyed the longer break and its got pretty hot this week. I've had a stressful time as my oldest youngest brother had an accident at work and luckily didn't break his foot but has been signed off work for two weeks to rest his foot. He can't do much for himself so we've been looking after him and then my Mum had an accident at work last Thursday. It wasn't a nice text to receive on my lunch break that she was in A&E. I took my littlest brother to vote on Thursday too which was nice as it was his first time. I then took on Mummy role - its tiring! I haven't stopped all weekend so the extra day off has helped me get some more sleep than if I'd worked.

Me and my boyfriend watched Avengers Assemble on Saturday night and Captain America last night so I've now watched all the Marvel films, I really liked Captain America as it was the only one remaining I hadn't seen yet. We went to see Iron Man 3 on Tuesday which we both loved and had planned to go again today but ended up shopping and visiting pet shops.

I think I've got my summer wardrobe sorted which feels very grown up and final. I usually continually buy items right through til September but there's nothing in particular I feel I'm short of. There's a pair of shorts in Primark right now that I'd die to have - they're green with pink flamingos on but have been sold out in every one I've visited :( I will have to dream of them.

My Matalan order arrived and I love the way every item is in its own protective plastic, I bought some sequinned items last year and didn't think much of the plastic, just thought it was because the items were delicate but must be how they send every item. I'm definitely becoming less of a Primark girl and swaying more towards affordable clothing from the likes of Matalan and George at Asda.

I got the MAC email this week about Rihanna's lipstick, I was so very tempted but resisted. I don't wear red too often and as much as I'd love to own it I'd rather get something more wearable for me, I'm a changed girl I swear.
 Dress £22 - Matalan
I ordered this dress from my boyfriend's Grandad's birthday party but I don't think I'm wearing this as I feel like a Mum in it! Its lovely but think its just a bit too safe for me.
 Tallulah blazer £10 - Matalan
This was a special offer and it sold out pretty quickly as these were £25 and they had several colours. I love this one and it looks super cute with the green butterfly dress from Primark (last week) so think this is the outfit for the party. Its lovely material and has little shoulder pads in, it fits snug and I love love love it.
 Beach dress £5 - Matalan
You have really paid for something very basic here. This looks super pretty on but is see through and very very short indeed so really is just a beach cover up.
 Summer dress £7 - Matalan
I really like this print now its here as I wasn't sure when I ordered it. I like the way its a bit hazy but still stands out, it fits really nicely and makes a sweet addition to my dress collection.
 Shift dress £16 - Matalan 
I really love this dress but I ordered too big a size so it doesn't fit. I am really drawn to blue and white things and I wish this would fit me properly!
 Maxi dress £10 - Matalan 
I ordered this as it was such a bargain and I really like it on. I almost wish they had more as they're all the same designs but different colours.
 Floral ombre shorts £12, Skull bracelet £3 - Matalan
I am head over heels crazy for these shorts, as soon as they scrolled into view on the website they were in my basket in a flash. They are so beautiful and look so lovely on, they have a few different designs which I might look at when I go into store. I ordered the bracelet as I like those skulls and its hard to find ones made nicely.
 Knickers £2.50 each, 3 for £5, George at Asda 
I just can't resist these characters knickers Asda do. Add to that they are super comfy!
 3 for £3 travel toiletries - Asda
Just a few more holiday bits, I got the Nivea pots for work and my bag as they're pretty handy and small to keep around.
Bikini top £8, bottoms £4 - George at Asda
Asda have done some really sweet bikinis this year and I wanted this as soon as I saw it. I love the way you can mix and match sizes as I'm not the same all over and the ruching on the top is pretty.
 Cath Kidston book £8, scrapbook bows £1.99, stickers £2.99 - WHSmith
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Cath Kidston book for half price! I snapped up a copy instantly and as I was headed to the tills my eyes fell upon some scrapbook bits. I'm not sure when and where I'll use the teapots and cakes but who cares, they're pretty and glittery.
 Nivea deodorant £1.74, Bite & Sting cream, Olbus oil inhaler stick - Boots
I nipped into Boots for the items below but walked out with a huge bag full. I haven't pictured everything as some of it was boring shower gel and deodorant for my boy. I adore the Nivea deodorants, they work for me and smell lovely all day long. I find other make such as Sure have a strong smell that I hate but Nivea is a delicate floral one, almost like a body spray smell. I only tend to get them when they're half price at Boots (the big cans). I always get bitten to death in the summer and my bite and sting cream is almost all gone from last year and I have so much else on my mind I tend to grab things when I see them. I bought the inhaler as my hayfever is bad at the moment and it blocks my nose, the nights are the worst as no matter how much I blow my nose I can't breathe. One night I was desperate to sleep as I had work and HATE being tired. I used a Vicks stick that night but Olbus is slightly softer and the Vicks made my eyes water so I kept it in while I tried to fall asleep, delightful eh.
 Witch Hazel gel £1.99, Witch Hazel £2.99, Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel £3.99 - Boots
I have re-started epilating and my gosh it can hurt sometimes. Because I shaved during the winter my skin was pretty traumatised the first time and although its calmed down now I did some research into the effects of epilating and discovered that these items can help. I got the Aloe Vera gel as straight after epilating my skin is very sensitive, red and uncomfortable. I didn't put moisturiser on and I'm so glad I didn't as it can cause infections as the pores are open from the hair root being ripped out. Plus I think I may have done this before and it stung. I got the witch hazel as it can help soothe and prevent ingrown hairs and soothe pimpled skin. Epilating may be painful but it is so worth it! The results are long lasting and even after the first time the hairs grow back incredibly slow, patchy and fine. The negative results are the same as waxing and to be honest I'd rather epilate than wax as like a tattoo your skin stops feeling the pain of epilating after a while whereas waxing is not constant and does large areas at once. 
Photo albums BOGO£1 - WHSmith 
Another crazy WHSmith bargain, I can't resist! I have been using their albums for a few years as they are the same design and size and stack nicely together. I used to get photo albums from all sorts of places but it makes them hard to store.

So that's my week. I am working on my April Favourites but its taken a back seat with all the ongoings of my home life recently but I might get it up later this week as I don't have many this month.

Hope you've all had good weeks

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