Thursday, 1 September 2011

Pinch, Punch, First Of The Month

So we’re into September and this year feels like its speeding by!

I love this final third of the year. Its all my favourite things:

September: my birthday J and its getting colder
How pretty is this cake?! Definitely the sort of cake I like on my birthday!

October: shops are getting their Christmas stock in, I’m writing all my Christmas lists and beginning my Christmas shopping, Halloween
Look at those nails!!

November: bonfire night, Christmas card writing, wrapping up & keeping cosy, even more Christmas shopping!



December: putting Christmas decorations up, wrapping Christmas presents & very excited for Christmas to come! New year


My only complaint about it getting closer to the end of the year is it getting colder. Much as I love the cooler weather and wrapping up in all my winter accessories I really can’t stand the cold. Last winter I found it so so cold, I’m pretty certain it was one of the coldest winters ever. It snowed so much in November and it wasn’t just a few days it went on for weeks. Usually the snow melts or turns to slush but it stayed as snow for ages. I love snow but even that was too much for me.

I'm already planning for Christmas. I usually have about ten hundred lists but am resisting the urge to start writing them already! I'm trying to focus on shopping for my autumn/winter wardrobe :) 

Em x

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