Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fruit & Butterflies

I originally saw the lemon dress from primark while flicking through a magazine at work. It said it was going to be released 9th May. Since when did primark clothes have release dates?! Anyway, I checked my local store continually throughout May but never saw the lemon dress. I so wanted one! About mid june I found this
I loved the contrast of the black against the oranges and lemons. At just £9 too. I've worn this out and got so many compliments, it is so striking! Whilst in London I made the trip to Oxford Street's primark. That store really is one of a kind! Anyway I knew what I was looking for and I found it!!!
There was only a couple on the rail and the second I started looking for my size another girl started nudging me out of the way to get one! Always the way in primark, you see something you have to own and as soon as your hand falls on it another person starts pulling at it too. Drives me mad! I ended up in a battle with a woman in my store the other day as I was flicking through hangers on the right and she was flicking on the left! Honestly why are people so impatient, we weren't anywhere near the same size so I don't know why she couldn't wait for me to finish! Back to the lemon dress...unfortunately I couldn't get my size I had to get the next size up but I can adjust it. I wanted it so bad! I found my size abandoned further round the shop but it had a massive rip in it.
This is another of my fruity dresses. Amazingly its from george at asda! So pretty!
I finally found this butterfly top in a new look in london. I was browsing the sale section and soon as I spotted this I was looking at the sizes. Although its a bigger size than I wanted because its floaty it won't be noticeable. This is the black version of the butterfly top I blogged about in a previous post. I like this version more as the butterflies stand out more on the top. So happy I finally got one! :)

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